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Guardian Angel

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    Hello Un1v3rs3!

    I recently watched the guide to faerieland courses and wanted to relate a brief lucid dream experience from the night of 25 June where I ascended the third dimension to another space where I met my guardian angel. I will use gender-neutral pronouns since I was under the impression that this being does not experience gender as it has been constructed by humans.

    The angel was tall with light skin and shoulder-length, straight auburn hair. Their wings were large and feathered with the purest white. They also wore a gown that was a very light beige color. They live in a place with a lake that looks like a mirror and the overall scene was like a partly cloudy morning on Earth. I don’t remember many more details except that this being radiated LOVE and I was certain that they are my guardian angel.

    This was very synchronous for me in my intention to watch the faerieland videos to elevate and transform the sadness I’ve been experiencing lately during a transitory phase of my life (recently finished grad school and looking for the ‘right’ kind of work, not just a job). The appearance of my guardian angel was affirming and I look forward to future encounters with this Heavenly being.


    This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


    I found out recently that a significant ex-partner passed away. What is interesting to me is that I was looking at pictures of him from years ago and realized that he is my guardian angel. This is special and beautiful even though it is also very sad; and I feel comfort knowing that his spirit watches over and protects me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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