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Healing Salt/Crystal Baths?

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    Kyrie Fluffins

    salt bath

    Does anyone else take healing salt crystal baths? It is something that I have just started doing!

    I like the idea of this because crystals are healing, salt is a crystal, so therefore, salt crystals are healing! I used to take Epsom salt baths, but have started using Ice Cream Salt/Rock Salt because it is more “crystal-like” (large chunks), and makes me feel more magical!
    It also makes my skin super smooth!

    I am toying with the idea of adding my crystals to my baths as well. I have large unpolished chunks of jade which I want to have polished, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet!

    Does anyone else do this? Are there any negative side affects to using Ice Cream Salt for soaking in?

    What kind of crystal healing, or healing baths do you do?

    I’m also really interested in these bath mixes from Crystal Cactus! Has anyone tried them?


    Cyan Goon

    I sometimes take salt baths when I want to purge all excess energy from my body, positive and negative. It’s good for resetting. A soak in an ice cold brine is my idea of a fine time.


    I looooove epson salt baths. The only thing I noticed is it’ll make your hair brittle if you do it too much. I just started tying my hair on top of my head. Also the only issue with the loose flowers is they then are all over your tub? I thought about inventing tea bags for baths so you can have an herb bath. You could make your own tea bag from pantyhose.


    I can’t do Epsom salt baths because I have diabetes. It’s unfortunate as I’m really interested and think it would be quite soothing and invigorating.


    I need salt baths s0 regularly, sometimes m0re than once a day, they work s0 well with being an empath. probably I need t0 learn other ways t0 re-energise


    I love a good epsom salt bath. I tend to build up a lot of anxiety and negative emotions over time and it seems to collect in my heart and make my chest feel tight. I like to load up a hot bath with epsom salt and a little frankincense oil and then say a prayer over it, then I’ll just soak in there and feel all the tension release from my chest with a snap-crackle-pop and it’s so nice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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