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Third eye or Seizures?

WELCOME Forums Uniscience Third eye or Seizures?

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    0kay s0 a strange thing is happening t0 me when I g0 t0 sleep 0n my back at night. I am pretty used t0 living out 0f body mostly, and have always experienced sleep paralysis and strong lucid hallucinations at these times sleeping and wake up gasping often having f0rg0tten t0 breathe this has happened as far as my memory goes back. I actually used t0 fear sleeping because 0f it, sleeping is a tiring pr0cess f0r me.

    N0w recently m0re and m0re frequently I am having sleep paralysis, but feeling s0 relaxed like i have been hypnotised and then I see flashing back and white and the middle 0f my f0rhead buzzes and vibrates I feel like my heart has slowed down t0 a halt and then sometimes eventually I feel t0tally 0ut 0f my body but aware 0f a new body at the same time, I hallucinate al0t about holding my own hands and I get l00ads 0f inf0rmati0n and d0wnl0ads through these experiences. Such as I saw a blue frequency squiggle and then a shiva like figure appeared and taught me about connecting with my divine feminine but n0t in words. things here are al0t m0re realistic than dreams and al0t m0re hd than real life. The place I am in is very real and consistent and familiar and I can place things here and find them again later. What is this place? I like t0 say it’s a dimension in my psyche but also I wonder if i am just having s0me kind 0f seizures

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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