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    Hello! UNIKIDS is a multi-media child outreach club, website, and entertainment venture. Today I bought the domain UNIKIDS.CLUB which is awesome and I’m so excited to start building out the website. I also want to do a quarterly magazine for ages 7-13 with different sections. If you are interested in writing one of these sections, pitch it to me. All four for the upcoming year will be due by launch because trying to convince people to submit what they’ve claimed they’re going to is not fun for me.
    Things we can use
    -coloring book pages
    -kid stuff

    submit to


    I was at the Body and Soul expo yesterday in Timaru yesterday and I stumbled across this story book for kids. It teaches them about the chakra system through different coloured fruit and it also taught them about using their golden hands. I got it for Lilith immediately, Ive never seen anything like it before! But more importantly when I seen it I automatically thought “wealth”. For two reasons, the first one being that it teaches kids spiritual lessons so effortlessly, which has to benefit the planet. The second reason though was literal monetary wealth. I know that this book is unique, therefore there is a gap in the market to take advantage of.
    A kids story book about aliens?
    A book about positive thinking?
    The ideas could be limitless! Might cost a bit to launch however the profit returns would exceed any original cost. Im not so good at writing at a childs level however I know I can draw pictures that will resonate with them. Please guys, thoughts, ideas, opinions are all welcome!!!

    “Fruit salad for kids” />

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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