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    *You’re Invited to Be in a Video Game*
    I’m working on two video games right now. One is called UNILAND where you can go and explore a whole digital world. Since there are no enemies in UNILAND, one of the main things to do will be talk to people.

    I would cordially like to invite any and all UNICULT Level 1 or higher members to be in the game. To be in the game I need from you: if you prefer to be presented more masculine, feminine, or androgynous, hair color, eye color, general demeanor (happy/sad/grumpy/etc), what color clothes you wanna wear and an interaction you would like to have with the player. I would recommend interaction to go like this:
    Hi I’m ___ (a little about yourself and how you feel about UNICULT or your main philosophy on life)
    Then you can offer advice or to tell a story or something else.

    For Instance, MuscleDragon’s would be something like:

    Hi I’m MuscleDragon. I’m a vegan and a seeker of truth. How can I help you.
    Tell me about Flat Earth
    Tell me about Veganism
    Tell me about Aliens (these are from the perspective of the character)
    And then each of those would be a text based answer.
    Email your submissions to with the header UNILAND Character Addition.
    You won’t be able to update this once the game is made so think about how you can make your own impact on UNILAND!

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 6 months ago by unicole.
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