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Today ,we’re going to be talking from Fundamentals of UNICULT. We’re going to be talking about eternal youth. I will be reading a little bit from this book. I wanted to say one more announcement if you go to that’s our news propaganda website thank you for becoming a beloved consumer.

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so I highly recommend checking that article out if you’re a Unicult member you’re welcome to write an article for the site it’s a great platform for us to, to reach lots of people and to spread our messages of joy and love and harmony for all okay today we’re talking about eternal youth we’re going to be reading from page we’re going to get up to some good stuff soon and miracles honestly the next couple weeks the next like three months of Cam Churches are going to be really deep because we’re talking about time in the dimensional implications miracles harmony and gratitude belief making real path to joy you have to joy honestly should be broken up into four five different ones honestly thinking deep imagination the electromagnetic spectrum in the brain rainbows brainwashing cyclical patterns of thinking this is it’s going to be good this is where it gets good I’ll tell you it takes a little bit I put in the training for the new members there’s a little art there’s a little section about how to write a topical article and I think that, that should help people who have ideas because I think that writing popular articles does take a little while, but if you get into the habit of it and you figure it out it can be, okay eternal youth is not dependent on age what does it mean to is it let me see let me try something else is that better okay.

so just think about youth and think about eternal youth just for a second think about, all the people who have tried to find eternal you think about even in our like people have gone across continents you know taking over other people’s like lives and raping and pillaging and spreading imperialism to find the philosopher’s stone and the fountain of youth and we’ve got even in the bible we’ve got these, conversations about the chalice of life, there’s lots of legends throughout eternity throughout all of history about eternal youth and what we have today is a perpetuation of that in the form of marketing campaigns and in the form of, if you’re conspiratorial you know we’ve got a lot of different things happening in the shadow elite the celebrity you know underground beauty rituals and realities to stay young if you are interested in learning about, you know adrenochrome and that sort of thing whether that’s real or not, it’s another legend of eternal youth right.

so what is proved is the idea that you know people are using stem cells blood baby foreskins that kind of thing, as beauty products very expensive beauty products and this just keeps this is just perpetuating this seeking and the searching for this idea of eternal youth and we’re searching always for this thing that’s going to make us forever young and.

so when we instead of just getting wrapped up in it especially if you’re a woman or a femme we all have fears of dying we all have this desire to be desirable and our understanding of desirability in our culture is this idea that we have to be young and as a human born in time I’ve had to reckon with this feeling and this fear of aging as someone who is a pop star whose career whose goals in life are somewhat predicated on how people perceive me as a physical being and in a culture that values youth over all else almost it can be  terrifying to age or to consider aging or to, or to think about dying or to think about time passing to the point where you are no longer valuable to the point where you are no longer capable to the point where you are no longer beautiful which is equated to value.

so I have spent a lot of time thinking about eternal youth because I don’t think I would have spent.

so much time thinking about it if I had been born in a man’s body because the pressure on females and on femmes is.

so high and it’s and our value in society is.

so predicated on how we look that this is something that is a really stressful thing for a lot of people and I’m not saying it’s only for women it’s only for firms I’m just saying it’s a little bit more of a pressure cooker on that side of the spectrum.

so when we think about the amount of energy that is put onto youth and the amount of energy that is put onto what we value as humanity and as a culture and how we don’t value people who are older experience ages and the experience not being hired for things they experience getting aged out of their industry we have to acknowledge that we are living in the society where these things are true and to get a little conspiratorial again we have to ask ourselves what is the most desirable age to be and we have to think about that I think everyone will have a different answer for that, but as for myself as a pop star you know thinking about who are the successful pop stars we’re talking about people who are in their teens or in their early 20s and the truth is that people who are in their teens and who are in their early 20s are not fully formed yet right, but still an experimental stage of figuring out who you are as a person and who you are as an artist who you are in the world and that’s a time when you are actually experimenting and not actually solidifying and not actually giving your energy in a way that is fully formed.

so when we’re looking at people who are valued when we look at the fact that society values very young people as our idea of beauty or as our idea of youth maybe they’re you’re thinking okay well someone who’s like very beautiful or very youthful is prepubescent or just after being a teenager or in their early twenties or whatever and those ideas we have to acknowledge are predicated and are informed by hollywood by movies by commercials by tv by media which is run by what we are now coming to understand to be a large pedophile room I bring this up only because it’s important to understand that we have been programmed by a collective of people by an industry which has pedophilic tendencies.

so our understanding of youth our understanding of value our understanding of desirability and value as a person is being informed by people who are maybe not healthy by people to value people who are not fully formed and not to say that anyone is ever fully formed we’re always all changing we’re always all growing, but what I mean is that we need to acknowledge that there is value in growing older there is value in coming to a point of time and conscious space where we have undergone all the trials of not knowing who we are and we have discovered and landed on who we really are and I think when we talk about someone being in their power of someone going through the spiritual journey of someone finding out who they really are and we sit there and we radiate that energy of our true authentic self that is what I call you because when we look at a child what is you we have to just redefine these things in our own consciousness in our own mind what is it that children have that adults don’t have other than you know ignorance for how the world works they have a connection to their heart they have a connection to their higher self they have a connection to wherever they just came from and they are radiating out that energy as humans as little humans and they’re full of play and they’re full of curiosity and those are the things that are youthful that is youthful energy anyone can cultivate these things anyone can cultivate curiosity anyone can cultivate a sense of wonder anyone can maintain a connection to their true heart and to their higher self anyone can practice remembering where they came from before they were born on earth.

so when I say youth is not dependent on age that’s what I mean it is not attached to physical appearance though a truly youthful person will emanate a healing energy that is in the frequency of youth.

so the way that we understand youth in Unicult is as a frequency you could be any age and you could be emanating youthful energy I think we’ve all seen a very playful older person with a twinkle in their eye who seems to act like a child they have the spirit the frequency the emanation of you and it is that which is healing it is that which keeps us young and agile in our minds and in our bodies the secret to eternal youth is not physical it is energetic it is free of cost though it requires a dedication and a focus to the heart to embody eternal youth you must find a constant calibration with the most authentic energy available to you let me read it again to embody eternal youth you must find a constant calibration with the most authentic energy that is available to you.

so what does it mean to be aligned with health what does it mean to be aligned with your higher self what does it mean to be aligned with you it means to constantly check in and to align with that energy which serves you in the most high in the way that is the most beneficial to yourself and others and by that constant calibration by that constant shifting and refocusing you’re in the beam of light from source energy from the spirit of uni from your own unique true energy of your own unique heart and from that space you emanate light which is healing for every cell in your body which is inspiring to every neuron in your skull which is exciting to your life energy when I think about aging and I think about people who get old and sometimes it happens real quick right sometimes you went to high school with somebody and they’re old by the time they’re 22. and they look they just look.

so old and they act.

so old and you’re like what are you doing look like you’re about ready to give up and it’s because their spirit has been beat down and.

so you see people like hunching over and you see people getting smaller and you see them with the ring away because they’re no longer connected to source energy one of the ways that you can connect to source energy is simply by having a straight spine I know that seems beyond crazy, but it’s true if you pay attention to your energy and your mood throughout the day when you have good posture versus bad posture you will notice that you’re cutting yourself off from your light energy I used to slouch on purpose I used to slouch as a you to the universe right I used to be like in a bad mood all the time and I would be slouching and I’d be like having bad posture and part of it you know I sometimes I’m very casual with my body posture, but when we align our spine there’s a lot going on there physically and spiritually that actually help us open up our third eye and connect to the source energy.

so I recommend sitting with your spine straight for a couple of minutes a day every day and meditating and just letting that light flow in through your body as often as you can have a good posture because that helps that’s the physical that’s the way to have it turn on you it’s not by putting baby blood on your face that’s abomination there’s a spiritual way to have the same things that people are trying to get in physical reality that’s why the devil’s number is 666 it’s all they know is physicality and they think that everything is contained in physicality and they’ve been running this society that’s why people are obsessed with physical reality is just one aspect of reality it’s not everything is not contained in physical reality hey pj good to see you okay to embody eternal youth you must find constant calibration with the most authentic energy that is available to you eternal youth can be had if you follow this advice live a heart-centered life and do only things that serve the highest good for all starting with your own desires embody kindness and curiosity eat only plants and grow as much of your own food as possible plants are very close to life energy when we eat a vegan diet and we eat, when we eat plants I mean even if you don’t eat vegan diet like I was I heard the other day if you eat about 30 different plants a week that you have the healthiest gut bacteria and there’s a huge correlation between your gut bacteria and your mood there’s a huge correlation between your gut bacteria and the functionality of your brain.

so when we eat a wide variety of plants in our diet whatever make a salad throw as many different plants as you can mushrooms kale spinach sweet potatoes brussels sprouts peppers onions garlic these are all really good plants to eat those are my favorite plants to eat plants are really good for your energy plants are really good if you eat I ate a burger yesterday a vegan burger from a fast food place and I was like this tastes.

so good this is such a treat and then afterwards my energy plummeted I was knocked out there’s a mcdonald’s by my house and if you go there you walk if I walk past it you’ll see people who have eaten the food and they’ve in the parking lot and they’ve fallen asleep immediately after because the food just knocks you out it steals your energy it’s a it’s like a drug binge that you do when you have that kind of food when you eat something that is like a salad you won’t feel that crash you’ve got to pay attention to your energy after you eat and it’s a constant calibration because after you eat then you have to sit and tune into your energy you say wow I feel like garbage maybe I won’t do that again you do it again and then you tune into your energy you’re like okay I think I’m starting to get it and then the next time you go to eat it you’re like maybe I’m going to feel like garbage probably not and then you eat it anyway and then you feel like garbage or you eat a salad and you check in remember to check in oh wow I feel amazing and I used to hate salads I used to hate them taking me a long road to get here.

so please know that I’m preaching from a place of having been there and having gone through this and it happened to me yesterday it happens to me a couple times a week still it’s very hard to have an impeccable diet that’s the goal is just to have as much good food as possible that will help you stay youthful and if you look into the benefits of a vegan lifestyle or eating plants it’s just like astounding that the health benefits right.

so we’re talking about being eternally youthful a huge aspect of that is health these things are synonymous it is growing as much food as of your own as possible is also really important, they found that people who grow their own gardens actually live longer lives than other people being outside experiencing life having an interaction with the plants that you’re eating feeling the soil spending time with the trees breathing the air seeing the little microbes and the bugs and the birds this is all healthy it’s all healthy like that’s the thing that actually inspires youth and health and vigor in the spirit be creative we shut down our creativity there’s that quote about how every child is an artist, but we all get beat out of it’s true tune into your creative spirit you don’t have to show it to anybody get a coloring book color do collages do whatever is fun for you and not intimidating and start connecting to your creative spirit again connecting to your creative spirit allows you to see the world with new eyes it allows you to see the world with eyes of an of a child to see everything as inspiration again I was listening to people talk about microdosing acid which is it which was is a big breakthrough for people creatively and emotionally a lot of times you take a small amount of lsd that’s imperceptible to the conscious mind you’re not tripping or anything, but things just appear more beautiful and when I listen to this lady talk about her experience microdosing acid I was like oh that’s how I always am and I think as you follow the spiritual journey you naturally get to this place where everything is astoundingly beautiful the colors are.

so vibrant the animals are just.

so amazing and you just walk around in this state of perpetual wonder and joy I might have like a little bit more of a natural proclivity to that, but that is the goal that we want to get to when we’re talking about being aligned with you meditate daily on inviting pure energy into your body.

so that’s what I mean when I say straighten your spine open up your third eye imagine a pillar of light imagine a pillar of the purest white light coming into your body imagine different colors what color feels the best to imagine try to actually see it with your third eye when I imagine a color I imagine what it feels like to look at the color, but I’ve been practicing lately actually seeing the color with my third eye that is a really good thing if nature makes you anxious maybe find a good friend a good tree that can be your friend the trees are good friends you can hold you can touch them you can hug them they’ll they protect you they care trees care.

so much about females I have a video on youtube about this, but one time I asked the trees I said why are you just.

so nice like we’re full humans are horrible like why are you.

so unconditionally loving and the tree said to me that’s all we know they just radiate on that unconditional love spectrum energy of being in service to earth and in service to humanity hug a tree today tree hugging trees is a huge stress reliever it’s a complete brainwash that’s a, that’s an insult tree hugger no go hug a tree and come back and tell me how you feel the trees are amazing they will help you stay eternally youthful meditating on pure energy can be however you resonate best with it here are some ideas okay.

so let’s just do a little meditation we’ll do each of these meditations right now.

so if you can straighten your spine sit tall and take a deep breath in and fill your lungs and feel your belly and release that and empty it all the way until your stomach you pull your stomach in a little bit and really get all the air out and then breathe in until your belly is around and your lungs are full and breathe out until your stomach is concave you pull it in I know that the stomachs don’t actually do that mine doesn’t, but you know what I mean pull your muscles in and breathe out and now just breathe deeply air is really important breathing is really important now close your eyes and relax feel the energy going along your spine feel it going into your third eye feel it going all the way down deep into the center of the earth and feel it coming out of your third eye and feel your spine become a pillar of light envision pure white electric light coming in from the center of the galaxy right into your third eye this energy penetrates every cell in your body and you can feel as it enters every cell as it tingles and it aligns your energy to perfect health keep breathing deeply and now you can envision a violet flame encasing your entire body burning away all negative thoughts burning away all health imperfections burning away all disease and eliminating every density that you’ve been carrying and now you can envision a beautiful golden honey-colored light dripping down from the sun and pouring into your third eye think about how the honey looks if you hold it up to the sun that’s the color and the quality of this life see this sparkling amber colored light filling up your solar plexus which is right where your diaphragm is see it pouring in your third eye going down your throat and into your heart and into your solar plexus where there is a little lamp and this lamp has a little flame and this beautiful liquid energy is going into the lamp and filling it until it’s overflowing as it fills up it begins to glow and radiates now you can take a deep breath you can come back into your body you can wiggle your fingers and toes stretch out a little bit if you want you can feel the energy feel how your body feels if you do that every day that’s the secret to eternal youth we are.

so brainwashed we want to just go buy a product and we think if we have a perfect skin care routine that’s going to stop our aging process, but the truth is that we get to embody ourselves as beings in time and we get to radiate out our true energy which gives us help the physical world is being manifested by the spiritual world that’s unicorn belief we have conscious control over our body there are aspects of pre-programming like genetics that have an impact, but we can also change our dna and the sun itself radiates at the same frequency as our dna does.

so when you spend time in the sunlight you can match the vibrational frequency of the sun with your dna and you can become what is called activated and you can align your energy to that which is the new world which is unitopia which is one of perfect health and a perfect appreciation for who we are for this incarnation for our true hearts for our true work that we’re meant to be doing on this planet and for the peace and harmony and health that we can cultivate from our own childlike sense of wonder we have to rewrite our entire consciousness away from the brainwashed programming that has been detrimental in your cage anything that feels like a weight or a cage is not utopian unity energy feels expansive it feels unending it feels like limitless potential and.

so if your conception of youth is limiting you’ve got to change it you’ve got to realign with something that makes you feel expansive these are the ways that we are brainwashed these are the ways that we’re programmed to not live in our highest life these are our insecurities these are our fears these are our traumas these are our pains we can go through this energy we can transmute it into something that is truly expensive truly beneficial thank you for joining me for Cam Church it’s an honor here’s a good question when you try to do yoga your mind runs amok how do you deal with it, I think that you just let it happen what happens you just think a lot of thoughts I think that means you got to do yoga for longer do yoga for an hour and notice maybe take note how long does it take for your brain to calm down it takes my brain about 20 minutes before it calms down and I’m trained all right thank you for joining me have a great day we’ll see you next week