CAM CHURCH Harmony and Gratitude

Today we are talking about harmony and gratitude from the book Fundamentals of UNICULT. This is the second edition of Fundamentals of Unicult. I have the first edition for sale in the store as well. It’s collector’s edition. There’s only 111 printed of the first edition so, that’s cool. The second edition we had I think like 400 copies. It’s also still pretty cool to have a copy. There are going to be three editions total, that’ll be under me and so I’m going to be working on the third edition. Once I finish the third edition, I’m not going to be making updates to this book, and I think that’s a good call so, there will be three editions. This is the second edition and I think in the third edition this chapter is actually going to be pretty different than it is now because, like I said, this is a topic that is changing currently as we ascend into a higher dimensional reality and it’s one that will continue to change as we continue to ascend.

We have to consider the interdimensional implications of these things as far as, as far as what we.

Before we start, let’s just start with a simple gratitude practice. If you don’t already have gratitude practices in your day-to-day life, I highly encourage you to keep a gratitude list. I have a gratitude list in my bullet journal where I write one thing or two things that I’m grateful for every single day. Even when I’m really down, I’ll be like, “Well, I have a bed to sleep in, I was able to eat a good meal today, I have good people in my life.”  Whatever it is that you can be grateful for. 

It’s a huge vibrational hack. This information was actually given to me. It’s not like secret information, but I have in my journal when I was super depressed that I had overheard these people on the bus talking about gratitude, talking about the magic of gratitude, and talking about how gratitude can completely change your entire life. You want to know what my response was to that when I was depressed? I thought, “Wouldn’t that be nice.” I was so cynical and I didn’t believe that was possible. It was something that I didn’t even try. I just rejected it outright.

I think it’s important for us to remember that there are people who don’t understand how easy it is to start resonating on a different frequency and how trapped they feel in their circumstances. If you’re one of those people, please hear me when I say this is amazing practice to get yourself out of the lowest depths and start to ascend vibrationally into a higher dimensional reality.

Let’s just start by saying things we’re grateful for. It’s a good thing to add into your prayers as well. If you pray, I pray every day and I add gratitude and I pray for things. I ask for assistance, but I also give gratitude during my prayers and I could probably do more of that. 

Let’s just name go ahead and name like at least one thing, up to five things, that you’re grateful for. I’ll go as well. I’m grateful for you all. I’m grateful for the ability I have to reach everyone. I’m grateful for my current abundance because I have a job. I’m grateful to have a job during these financially questionable times. I’m grateful for income. I’m grateful for creative expression. I would love to hear what you are all grateful for in the comments.

Let’s see what the book says:

Fundamentally, harmony exists. 

This is something that is a Unicult understanding. With Unicult, this is where we’re starting. We have to understand why Unicult is the way that it is and why it’s a flexible belief system. Unicult is the way that it is because we have to allow ourselves to believe in the highest possible reality, at least I do.

I come from a place of deep, severe depression and I had a paradigm of the world, I had an outlook that was very low vibrational, very dense, very sad, and very hopeless. In order for me to change my reality, to change my vibration, to change my focus, to change my paradigm, I had to start believing in the highest possible reality because I was in my depression I was believing in the lowest possible reality. I was believing everything sucks, everything’s terrible, it’s all chaos, nobody cares, you just live and you die, and that’s it. Now I believe in the highest possible reality. Everything I do has value. It matters a lot. Life is beautiful. I have, angels and aliens looking after me. These are the things that make me feel like I’m full of life and full of light.

When we talk about Unicult ideology we have to understand that it’s coming from a place of raising up my energy and also translating what I believe into mass consciousness. Unicult is a pop cult. It’s about reaching the masses with a new religion that is easily digestible and helpful to everyone in the transition from third dimensional reality into five-dimensional reality.

One of the things that we believe fundamentally is that the universe is harmonically designed. You don’t have to believe in a creator god or anything like that, but for the universe and this makes sense, it actually makes sense. When you think about destructive energy, destructive energy destroys. The universe is very old. How has it gotten to this point? You can argue you know back and forth about entropy, if you want. I think we have a limited understanding of what entropy actually is. We can talk about creation, but when we look at the fundamental aspect of reality as harmonious, that makes me feel really good. That makes me have hope for my life. It makes me have hope for my afterlife and whatever I want to focus on or trip out on.

When we come to understand the Universe, we can resonate on the frequency of how they make us feel. When we feel ourselves feeling happy, joyous, lifted up, filled with light, those are the things that we tend to gravitate toward in Unicult because our goal is to enjoy our lives, our goal is joy. If you believe something that makes you feel sad or distraught or like the world sucks, those are things we gravitate away from because we want to enjoy our lives. This is our power. This is our choice. This is where our free will lies, in our ability to choose where we align.

The reason why we believe that the Universe is fundamentally harmonious is because it makes logical sense and also because it makes us feel great. Harmony is normal. Harmony is our normal state of being. Harmony is the normal state of the Universe. Planets beings and people all operate in a harmonious fashion with one another. To be out of harmony is to express ourselves in ways that are not beneficial.

In Unicult we have this understanding of alignment. This understanding of alignment is not meant to act as a control, it’s meant to act as a guide. It’s a natural guide, it’s something that we naturally have inside of our bodies. When you do something that is painful, you shouldn’t do that anymore. If we put our hand on a fire and we say, “Ow”, we take our hand out. That’s our indication that we shouldn’t do that anymore.

We tune into our emotional understanding. If you do something that puts you into pain, stop doing it. It’s like you go to the psychiatrist and it’s like “Stop hitting yourself.”

What we’re asking members of Unicult to do is to ask themselves, “What beliefs do you have that are aligning you with your own harmony?”

The idea is that our hearts radiate out a harmonious frequency that is aligned with the rest of the harmonious frequency in the Universe. It’s like a scale on the keyboard. This might be my heart, this is your heart this is someone else’s heart this is someone else’s heart and we just we when we’re vibing on our like we’re unique each person has their own energy and it. When we vibe on the right energy, it sounds good it feels good. We have an innate sense of feeling good when we are aligned with our own true hearted harmony.

The way that we distinguish this in Unicult it’s like in satanism or in, I don’t know if it’s satanism, but in like crowley’s teachings right it’s like do as thou will like just do what you want as long as you don’t harm anyone.  I think that’s the main, I don’t know if they say that in that religion I haven’t studied it in depth, but in Unicult that’s what we say. Do what makes you feel good as long as you’re not harming anyone. Once you start incorporating harm, you’re going away from alignment, you’re going away from harmony.

We can enter into a state of harmony with everyone, where everyone is being true to their heart and focusing on not harming each other, where we enter into a Unitopian paradise, which is where we’re all harmonious. 

When you think about a harmonious business, a harmonious business would be a company that values the employee’s life energy. All the employees are voluntarily excited to be there. They’re directing their life energy toward the endeavors of the company or the project of their own free will. That the supply chain uses no slave labor and that every single person who’s interacting in that supply chain is doing so of their own free will and of their own passion. That whenever resources are pulled from the Earth or that things are created, that’s done in a way that’s harmonious to the Earth and the planet as well into all humanity. 

Sometimes we are in a very discordant reality, it’s hard to believe that’s possible, but it’s our goal. It’s what we work toward in Unicult. I think it’s a very admirable goal and I think it to work toward it makes your life better.

This idea of harmony I often describe as an upward spiral or a downward spiral. You know things which are going to bring you closer to your own happiness, closer to your own light, closer to your own joy, and you can use your intuition to feel into it. If you’ve spent your whole life not listening to your heart, you’re going to have a hard time getting back in touch with it. That’s where things like talking to your child self and making time to color and doing things that are like childlike, that can help remind you of the things that you know to be inherently true to your spirit, that you were born knowing, that you might have deadened and hard\ened yourself out of. Your true heart wants to play. How does it want to play? That’s what you have to figure out. That’s what your unique path is, your unique joy.

Earth is a confusing place because we’re actually in a vortex of negative energy. While it’s good to perceive the Universe, I don’t think that the Universe is polarized and negative and positive, but from our position in the third dimensional reality, it’s essential for us to conceptualize it as such in order for us to move beyond it.

It’s like being in the ocean and you’re under water, you see the sun up above. You have to understand that if you swim toward the sun that you’re going to be able to eventually break the surface of the water it doesn’t mean that underwater and the sun are the only things that exist, it just means that directionally we have to understand where we’re going.

Someone sent me a video on TikTok the other day that was talking about the interdimensional understanding of vibration and how you know it’s not just lower and higher, I agree. It’s all overlapped with each other. Unicult is a tool to empower people. It’s a tool to empower Earth. It’s a tool to vibrationally change and break out of the systems that have kept us enslaved. It’s trying to help you see there is the light, let’s all go toward it so that we can break the surface of the water and then from there it’s going to be a lot easier to understand reality. We won’t be drowning in negativity.

When you’re on a downward spiral, which is what Earth is. I believe, personally, that Earth was invaded by entities that are obsessed with creating downward spirals. They created a vortex which is an artificial timeline based on deception. This vortex has kept us in fear and pain and we’ve been trapped and confused and it’s disconnected us from our power and from our true hearts. We are now at the point where that energy is no longer allowed to enslave us. It’s up to us to drive our own bus. It’s up to us to start steering the ship, so to speak, of our own energy and of the planet. 

This is why I do what I do, because I’m trying to help you understand how to listen to your own true heart and be radical and brave to stand up for who you are and what you believe in because only by doing that, will we enter into our truth through the positive spiral of listening to love, of listening to our hearts, and by breaking out of the negative vortex and into a positive one, which then will align us with the harmony of the Universe.

When you look at the whole Universe and you say well there’s no good or evil, it’s true, I agree with that. I think I have compassion for everyone. I think everyone does the things they do because they have a reason. I don’t think that anyone is doing something purely to be evil. I think that even if someone is dedicated to evil, that it’s come from fear and pain. I see the world from an unconditionally loving space. I have a song and the lyrics are, “There’s no such thing as good or evil, just things that prevent us from having fun.”

We have to start looking at the Universe in this way. If you’re murdering people, you’re preventing people from having fun, it’s not okay. Let’s start ascending.

“The UN1V3RS3 is designed to keep us on the path of JOY. Each nega-

tive thought is a reminder to go back on the Path to JOY.”

Each painful emotional experience is a reminder to go back on the path to joy and this is why we have to be careful of spiritual bypassing we have to be careful that we’re not just putting on a happy face and ignoring the negative things we have to acknowledge that we’re going through a tumultuous thing or that we feel a certain way and it’s totally okay to feel how you feel. Earth is really dense. It’s really dark it’s really hard, it’s okay. to feel negative about it that’s a normal reaction, but then from that place you get to choose are you going to go in an upward spiral toward benefit or are you going to go in a downward spiral toward detriment.

If you’re like oh I had a hard day I’m going to get I i you come home you’re like I had a hard day I’m depressed what you do in that moment is your free will you say I’m going to get blackout drunk. That’s going to be a detrimental thing you’re going to have a headache the next day you’re not going to even remember what you did because it was blackout drunk you’re going to feel bad okay. If you choose a positive route you’re like maybe you have one drink and then you decide to do something productive. 

We have these choices every single day. Our diet, our exercise, the words we choose to use with other people, the way that we spend our time. These are our free will choices. Ask yourself, “Is this action going to bring me closer to joy? Is this action going to bring me away from joy? Is this action going to be harmful to me or to others? What does my heart really want?” It’s a matter of putting your ego in a place of devotion to your higher self and it’s about letting your higher self, or that which knows the directional reality of negative or positive, to lead the way. Let your heart lead the way let your child self lead the way. Let your higher self lead the way however you want to conceptualize of it 

We have an internal system that helps us know when something is painful, when a behavior shouldn’t be happening. You might need to tune your body back into understanding that intuition, but it can be done and it should be done. Your joy and your health and your future depends on it. It’s an investment to meditate and to feel into these things.

This would normally be very simple for us to understand, but we are currently embodied in a planet of deceit and deception. It is not important to dwell on deceit and deception, but it is important to know that your inability to previously distinguish between benefit and detriment of thoughts is not your fault. Even though it’s not your fault, it is something that you can heal.

Any positive thought is one that benefits you, while any detrimental thought is one that harms you. It never benefits you or anyone to feel perpetually bad. I’m saying it louder for those in the back who have depression. I know what it’s like to feel perpetually bad and it feels like it’s the most logical thing in the world, but it’s not benefiting you. It’s detrimental to you. It’s okay to be self-aware. It’s okay to desire to be out of certain situations or behaviors, but you never need to feel guilty or bad for going through what you’ve gone through and you never need to dwell in your suffering.

we have been trained to feel bad for feeling bad this does not help a thing instead give yourself forgiveness and a pride for the growth of your self-awareness when you do this instead of shaming yourself you can grow rapidly this rapid growth is not just for the benefit of you, but it is for the benefit of all we are more than just ourselves all the realities of the universe are working in perfect harmony the universe works by harmonizing infinite separate realities that all overlap to create one harmonious and continuous whole it is truly amazing that we have so many different manifesting conscious entities in the same realm all manifesting unique realities layered on top of one another this is I know that premink made fun of me for this sermon it’s the one where all the different circles are overlapping each other these are our own vibrational generations our own reality holograms that we generate from our own consciousness and they all overlap with one another and we’re all co-creators of this reality and when we all change our perception the reality changes we’re all equally as powerful as one another and when our power comes together that’s when we have the power to change the world that’s why Unicult is what it is. It is a group of people we are all connected the harmony that exists between each of us as personal reality creators with an ultimate reality is so divine and magical that it is indeed beneficial to meditate on this once a day and gratitude for being a part of it as you go through your experience of ascension and awareness there will inevitably be days where you feel low negative and weak during these days I will emphasize the importance of gratitude try listing the things you are grateful for it can be simple your bed the meal you had your friend you can write them down or pray on them it is up to you the important thing is that you begin to list the things you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude you have for them you will realize how much you really do have that gratitude will put you in a higher state and bring better things to you it will also strengthen and raise you up against difficulties of your ascension process it’s not easy to ascend and the way that we ascend the way that it happens is that we take what we’re working with and we do what we can with what we have it’s like lifting a weight you don’t go to the gym and look at the 300 pound, weights and say yep that’s what I’m going to do today on your first gym day you know you’ve never worked out in your life it’s not it’s just not going to be possible.

What do you do at the gym? You pick up the five pound weight and you do that for a little while and then you pick up the 10 pound weight and you do that for a little while and it takes a year or more I don’t know how long it would take for me to be able to lift 300 pounds probably more than a year of continued effort and that’s what we’re working with in the mental emotional space as well.

so what is our five pound weight what is our 10 pound weight it’s gratitude and it’s whatever you can get to from where you’re at you’re bitter you’re mean you’re spiteful can you be kind can you be can you just be a little kinder you lie all the time can you just tell the truth a little bit more can you confess to one small lie what can you do from where you’re at how can you take what you’ve got and use it to be higher vibrational reality plant your winter gardens it’s true thank you all for joining me for Cam Church radical self-forgiveness is crucial it’s true it’s about listening to your feelings and yeah it’s okay that you feel the way that you feel I’m just catching up on all the knowledge hats all right thank you all for joining me, we’ll see those of you, in who are devoted members for the devoted member meeting we’ll see the uni captains and the magicians for the magicians meeting and, I hope you all have a wonderful week and we’ll see you next week you