CAM CHURCH – Healing Possibilities

Today we are speaking from the Fundamentals of UNICULT. We will be talking about healing possibilities. This is a controversial topic because we’re actually very attached to our illnesses into our ailments. We’re actually very attached to the way that we think the world works. 

Ask yourself if this sentence feels controversial:  “Anything can be healed.” Does that feel controversial to you? Does that make you want to fight? Does that make you feel mad? let’s talk about it anything can be healed healing is a constant alignment with source energy it is something that takes effort concentration and focus sometimes healing can be done energetically only and sometimes it also requires working on the physical plane as well certain ailments require more than one healer working together to bring an individual or social condition into the light of health some ailments may take more time than one generation of healing if we focus our attention on healing modalities and the different energies at play we will uncover the art of healing anything it’s pretty well written chapter, but we’ll go into the specifics of it in Unicult we believe that you can heal anything some people find this to be a controversial statement because, there’s it’s putting a lot of emphasis and a lot of pressure on to the individual to heal themselves it’s putting a lot of, blame on to people who suffer from illness it’s putting a lot of pressure onto people who suffer from chronic ailments chronic pain debilitating diseases or mental illness or, you know diseases that kill if you just say oh well we can heal anything and it’s like what about people with like cancer what about you know all the people who are suffering who will die from their suffering we acknowledge that and in Unicult while we talk about healing and well we talk about the potential and the possibility to heal any ailment we also talk about the importance of community reality and community healing this is not just about one person taking on the responsibility and the burden of everything that they’ve ever gone through and saying I believe I can heal anything and then they you know die from cancer or something and then we don’t blame them we’re talking about every single person aligning themselves in with the vibration of healing to work together

The reason why we have illness and ailments in our society is all spiritual. It’s all spiritual at the root. When I’m saying this, I’m not blaming the individual. We are living in an energy soup. Our bodies are comprised of our genetic mappings and markers that came from our grandparents our great grandparents our ancestors and any trauma that any of those ancestors had was actually stored in our dna as epigenetic markers and we actually are carrying our trauma from our ancestors in our body if we are carrying a past trauma and we don’t have the space or the support to heal it and we don’t have the community energy and the community efforts to align with the truth of reality which is that we are ALL ONE! that we are already healed that we are already whole we suffer and we suffer alone and we can die from disease and disease can become rampant

For us to understand the possibilities for healing, we have to understand what healing is. In the book we say healing is a constant alignment with source energy why would aligning with source energy be healing it’s because Earth is a system that is out of alignment with divinity we are in some kind of whirlwind of deception where we are pretending like we are not divine. We have all these systems and all these mechanisms and all these egos to shift our awareness from our own divinity into our own illness, into our own pain, into our own suffering. 

On the higher planes this suffering this illness this pain isn’t real, it’s like a fever dream. It doesn’t really exist, but to us it does. Because it exists to us so deeply, we get stuck in this loop of acknowledging and making real our pain, we attach to it. We attach to illness and we attach to material materiality with the material realm so much that we actually make ourselves sick. I don’t just mean individually, I mean as a society.

I’m really trying to shift the focus away from the individual. When we’re talking about illness we are not talking about an isolated incident that happened to one person. All of us are connected to trauma all of us are connected to ego all of us are connected to the patriarchy all of us are connected to capitalism all of us are connected to the military-industrial complex all of us are connected to the medical industrial complex. These are systems of trauma. These are systems of suffering. These are systems that are inherently taking our energy and our attention away from our truth, away from the understanding that we are entities of light, taking our attention away from the reality that we are already whole we are already healed we are already complete. 

Everything that we’re doing to create suffering in this timeline or perpetuate suffering that has happened to us or you know from our ancestors or from other people or from systems that have been designed to hurt us is what’s harming us it can be confusing to take a wider look a higher vibrational look a fifth dimensional look at our realities that is above time and space outside of time and space. From a place of knowing that having is the same as being.

In the higher realms having and being are the same thing. This is in the course of miracles. How do we get to the point where we can trust that by being an energy we can have it? By being an energy and ignoring time and ignoring the limitations of time, just by being what you,  dress for success that’s one way that we understand it dress for success.

Be the energy, be the change you want to see in the world. Be healed see yourself as a complete picture. Visualize yourself as radiant and healthy. Visualize yourself as having whatever you want to have. Visualize the world eradicating cancer. Visualize the world aligning our technology with our electromagnetic body so that we can actually be radiant and transformed by our technology rather than attacked.

As you use your mind to imagine the reality where we are complete, whole individuals, radiating at the frequency that we are meant to radiate at,  radiating from our beautiful heart-centered spiritual place, we will be creating the healed reality around us. We will be generating cellular frequencies that radiate out from our bodies that other people can see and feel.

I believe one of the reasons why we are all being separated right now, if we’re going to believe in a demonic agenda, is that our cellular frequency actually has the ability to attune to other people’s cellular frequency. We have the ability to enlighten people just by being near them. We also have the ability to enlighten people through our screens. 

We are quantum beings. Our cellular structure is a quantum reality. That means that the smallest affects the whole. What you do in your own mind to imagine your divine future, to imagine your healing possibilities, to imagine our society in a Unitopian paradise, is healing. It is divine healing. It is absolutely the most important type of healing that anyone can do.

Another conspiracy we can talk about is the prevalence of dystopias in our media. How many dystopian science fiction, dystopian movies, dystopian shows, dystopian realities are there? Media technology co-ops the potential visualization realities of our third eye. It causes us to get onto timelines that we wouldn’t otherwise get onto. As a shared consciousness, if everybody watches a single netflix show, that is co-opting our third eye as a collective and causing us to envision a dystopian future, a violent future.

You have to take back your ability to envision. You have to take back your ability to own your third eye, to own your powers of your imagination because having and being are the same thing. As you use the powers of your imagination, as you use the powers of your third eye to visualize healing, healing is happening.

We are entering into a world that is completely unlike the world that existed before. We’re right at the very beginning. It’s going to take a while. People are very upset and very angry. We want to cling to the darkness because it is all that we know. As we cling to the darkness, as we cling to the reality that we’ve created of our ego, all we’re clinging to is illusion. All we’re saying is, “I’m afraid to see the glorious truth.” Think about that. 

As you resist feeling into your own divinity, as you resist acknowledging your healing pathway, as you resist your own shadow work, as you resist having optimism or hope for the future, you are simply ignoring the most beautiful truth that exists. Are you really afraid to see the reality which is: We are all Uni’s children and we are all radiating already at a perfect frequency.

All we’re doing on Earth is closing our eyes. We’re saying, “I don’t want to open them. I’m too afraid. I’m too afraid. I want to stay here. I want to stay in the nightmare. I want to stay in the darkness”,  but if you trust that when you open your eyes, you will see that all is perfection, that everything happens for a perfect divine reason, that no evil can escape the fact that we are in perfection even still, and you understand that when you die from this life, it’s just simply waking up. Saying, “Wow, that was a weird dream.”

It’s not that it’s not important. What’s happening on Earth is important, but it’s not important in the way that we think. It’s not important in the way of having a bank account, having things, and being a certain level at a job it is only important inasmuch as it is important to our own consciousness. It is only important inasmuch as it is important to the transformation and transmutation of conscious energy that is happening. The physical reality isn’t even real. It’s not even real. 

We actually already know this. When you look at atom, it’s mostly space. It’s actually just energy. Everything is conscious energy. 

Why is your life important? It’s important because of the state of your own consciousness, aka is important for your own joy. What feels good? What draws you toward enjoyment? That is spirituality. That is healing.

As you remember your divinity, as you remember that you can trust the Universe, as you remember that you are safe, as you remember that you are loved, not only loved, that you are loved beyond measure, not only loved beyond measure, but that you actually are pure love, that there is no lack and that it doesn’t come from anywhere else. It’s literally what you are. You are healing you are healing yourself. You are healing other people. You are healing the world. You are healing the vibration of the conscious energy that we are co-creating, this energy field called Earth.

As we raise our vibration to look outside of time, to remember that having and being are the same thing, as we raise our vibration to feel safe, as we raise our vibration to remember that these bodies are important inasmuch as they’re important to our consciousness, as we make our peace with death, as we make our peace with life, we are healing.

Are you afraid to die? Are you afraid to live? What are you afraid of? As we overcome our fear and face it,  we realize that all our fear, all of our addictions, all of our trauma-based actions, all of our harm and fear and pain and lying and misrepresentation of who we are, is actually just us saying, “I’m too afraid to open my eyes. I don’t want to know what’s out there. I would rather live in this nightmare.” 

When you open your eyes to the reality that exists, you will find only perfection, you will find only love, you will find only that all the attachment that we put onto the material realm cycles us out in fear attachment pain and addiction. The more we can focus on our own consciousness and the things which bring us joy, the better we will be. We will heal our bodies. 

First and foremost, we are not our bodies. We are our consciousness. That is not to say, that the body is not important. The body is a fully integrated, high technology system that integrates directly with our consciousness. Every cell in your body is in direct conscious communication with your mind. Every cell in your body is in conscious communication with all of reality, with  all of the Universe, with each other human beings. 

We are all feeling and we are all being felt we have the potential to heal anything is it going to be instant not necessarily, but as we all collectively raise our awareness to understand that we can heal anything as we all raise our collective consciousness to realize that everybody deserves to be healed, that all of fear and pain and lashing out and evil is actually coming from suffering, from being trapped in an ego state, from being trapped in the belief that material reality is all that matters, and being trapped from the closed eyes of thinking that there is not enough love, when we are in fact love itself.

As we see each person as a child of Uni, as we see each person as deserving of healing, we will be much easier able to heal ourselves and will be able to heal others. Healing is a state of wholeness. Healing is a state of completion. Healing is something that you can accomplish right now in this moment if you align your spine and you just open up your third eye and you connect to the center of the Earth at the same time and you pray you ask the Spirit of UNI to do things in your body and in your world that you might believe are impossible. You say, “I pray to be healed. I pray to have true divine beauty flowing through me.”

Let Go of Perfection

I think if we let go of what we perceive as perfection. We have to understand that we have been brainwashed by society to perceive things and to expect things to be a certain way. If you’re mad or upset or in pain because you think your life should be a different way, it’s because you’re actually not seeing Uni’s perfection. You’re actually not seeing the perfection that exists all around you. 

Every moment is an opportunity to align and acknowledge where you’re at and acknowledge where you’d like to go.

I used to do a lot of beauty meditations and I used to sit there and I used to try to focus my energy so that my face shape would change into something that I thought was more beautiful. We all have suffered from capitalist patriarchal corporate advertising. I used to meditate every day on changing my face shape. It was like plastic surgery, but with energy. My guides were like, “Unicole you’re not wrong for wanting to channel more beauty through your face that’s fine, but the way that you’re doing it is wrong you’re attributing beauty to a certain type of face that you’ve seen in media. Your face is beautiful!” 

The way that you channel beauty through your face is with your energy you actually have to do the opposite of what I was doing which is trying to minimize and contort. You have to just blast your authentic self through your authentic face. That is what makes us beautiful. That is true beauty.

We can change how we are seeing. We can change our physical appearance. The way that we can do that is by being authentic and by healing. Things that we don’t even believe are possible right now are possible. I’m having a tooth problem right now. 

The Tooth Problem

I have a long history of abuse and just suffering with this one tooth.  i, it had, a cavity, but then they put, the band over top of it for my braces so as I had my braces for two years the tooth degraded and became decayed and so when they took off that band and my teeth were straight, this tooth crumbled in my mouth. I was watching a movie at a movie theater and I felt like a hole in my tooth and then all of a sudden the tooth crumbled. Then I had a root canal. Then I had a crown put on. I was in still a lot of pain. Several years later I went and they gave they said oh we’ve got to give you another root canal they didn’t need to give me another root canal so I had two root canals on this tooth and I found out that it was actually just the crown and the crown was fit badly. So food was getting in between two teeth and it was hurting now I’m at this place where the crown fell off, I went to these horrible dentists. They opened a bag of their tools and someone else’s tooth bits fell out of the bag and they’re like oops and I was like I should have left, but I didn’t and then they did a horrible job, putting a new crown on my tooth so now it still hurts and I think food is like getting stuck and it’s like I i’m too afraid to go to the dentist it’s traumatizing I understand like go

Being alive, being on Earth being embodied, it’s traumatizing. We have these things that happen to us where we’re like what the hell is going on? Why are these like men sticking drills and in my mouth and not helping me? I told a story on tik tok the other day of how my entire appendix was erroneously removed. They took out my entire appendix and then said whoops and I still had to pay them to do it.

The energy of the medical industrial complex, the energy of being alive, the energy of having illness, the energy of being in pain is really traumatic. I don’t mean to take away from that. Let’s envision a world where all of that is erased.

I’ve been meditating just on like the impossible. What is the impossible the impossible is a new tooth just coming in popping that one out and just being a fresh new tooth in my mouth. My brain says that’s not possible you’re born with all the teeth you’re ever going to have. We live in a magical reality things are going to continue on into perfection.

As I envision perfection as you envision perfection. let’s take it back to my experience of trying to channel perfection in my face. I had to realize that my interpretation of what that perfection was limited and based in my brainwashing thinking that I could get a new tooth coming through is even though it’s miraculous it’s still a limitation. What should I actually be praying for? What should I actually be envisioning I should be envisioning perfection in my mouth? I should be envisioning perfection in that spot in my in my gums? I should be envisioning a world a life where I don’t have to think about my teeth where they’re just healthy and strong.

I don’t have to attach to a certain thing. I don’t have to attach to saying I have to find the perfect dentist who’s going to make the perfect crown. That’s maybe part of it. I don’t have to attach to thinking I have to believe in the most magical thing and a new tooth has to just grow in my head and if it doesn’t then I don’t believe in anything. That might happen, but I don’t have to attach to it.

I can pull back and I can just say, “Perfection. I want perfection.” I can pray for it three times a day and it will come to pass. Prayer always works. Prayer always works, especially if you do it correctly. Do not attach to specific outcomes, but to bring it back down to that root of perfection and truth. 

Anything can be healed. It might not look like we expect it to look. It might not manifest in the way we expect it to manifest. It might not happen instantaneously, but it is possible. Every single ailment psychological, spiritual, physical can be healed. You are doing it as we speak. As you align your energy, as you investigate your own internal emotions.