Last week, we covered ultimate reality which was really extreme and really intense. I think I blew all of your minds. Personal reality isn’t quite so mind-blowing except for the fact that it allows us to both be selfish and have empathy at the same time.

I’ve read a lot of philosophy in my life and it’s all been pretty disappointing. I’ve taken philosophy classes and I read a lot of old philosophers and I appreciate the exploration of thought. I appreciate the ability to just say well what if this was true but what I feel like a lot of philosophy misses are not just the moral frameworks, but the moral implications of believing something. People will be like no you know the world is, you know like he could be like Nietzsche and I don’t fully know everything that Nietzsche said but like he was kind of more atheist you know nihilist as far as I understand him.

You can think all these ways, but how does this have a practical effect on my energy? How does this have a practical effect on my ability to interact with other people? That is kind of a huge oversight in my opinion for most modern philosophy for most ancient philosophy for most philosophy.

Unicult strives to be a philosophy that not only is a fun thought experiment to think well maybe the world is this way or it seems like the right way to think about the world, the right way to make sense of all of this strangeness that we have in this reality, but also it serves as a moralistic understanding of how your beliefs actually create your reality. How the actual response that your energy creates in your life and in your world and how these beliefs actually affect that whole thing.

Personal reality and my understandings of reality really allow for an exploration of different ideas and an exploration of philosophical ideas, whether they be Unicult philosophy or other philosophies. It serves as a framework to understand how your thoughts are interacting with your energy and how your thoughts are changing the world around you.

Personal reality, as we have talked recently about. There are several layers of reality as defined by Unicult. We talked about ultimate reality. We have ultimate reality, personal reality, social or collective reality, and we added spiritual reality because we realized that the laws in the spiritual realm are the same as the laws in the physical realm not the same laws but just like we have gravity just like we have different laws that we have to follow in the physical realm the spiritual realm has laws as well that need to be acknowledged.

We have personal reality, social collective reality, spiritual reality, and ultimate reality. We started with ultimate reality last week. That is the collection of all realities. 

Something that’s easier to understand is your personal reality. There are several layers of reality as defined by Unicult. One of these layers is personal reality. Ultimate reality is not the only valid reality. This is where we have where words aren’t really easy because we have to start talking about value and we have to start talking about truth and the sense of how it pertains to each person. We can’t necessarily only consider physical reality to be the truth. That’s kind of what our society does. That is why we glorify their dimensional scientific practices and understandings. 

The strange misconception that physical reality is the only truth has led us to disparage and discredit all of the other realities that we are experiencing, even emotional reality. Psychology is the first attempt to delve into the mind, but even that ends up relying a lot on the physical study of the brain and how the brain is operating with chemicals and things like that. The truth is that we are interplaying, interacting with a multitude of realities on top of the third dimension. The third dimension is just a small part of our ability to interact.

That’s why all these different concepts of realities are very helpful, because we have to start expanding our consciousness to understand that our physical reality isn’t the only thing that’s happening. Maybe the easiest way to start, depending on what your proclivity is, is to think about your emotional reality.

You can say, “Oh that’s just chemicals in my body” and things like that. You can try to make everything into that, “What is love?” It’s always up to what you want to believe. If it makes you happy to believe everything is just a physical mechanical operation and that makes sense to you, you can believe that, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I feel the grandiose spiritual nature of the universe flowing through me every day. If you don’t, I’m sorry, that’s sad. Unicult always comes down to what benefits you, what helps you. If this doesn’t benefit you, you want to just think about it as physical reality, that’s fine. 

When we talk about personal reality the interesting part of this is that it does move into the realm of consciousness it moves into the realm of perception

Our perception of physical reality is different. That alone indicates that there are alternate realities happening all at once. When two people get in a car accident or have a traumatic event happen, many times they remember it differently. Many times they both remember it differently as opposed to a camera that captures the event. 

Our consciousness understands physical reality differently. A lot of people say that’s because the brain is flawed. Do you think that after evolving for as long as humanity has evolved, that really that our way of remembering things is flawed or do you think it shows different sides of each story on purpose. Do you think there may be some kind of sociological benefit for each person having a different perspective?

Even when you look at these things from an evolutionary perspective, it’s just very funny that we say “Oh, well the brain just isn’t very good at remembering physical reality.” Maybe there’s other things going on that the brain is tuning into that are more important. I’ve never seen anyone give credit to that fact.

When we talk about realities, we have to talk about what is valid, what is true. We have put so much energy on to physical reality as the only valid reality, so much energy onto as the only objective truth. Personal reality says physical realities over there, it’s happening, it’s real we can’t deny it. Obviously if you go too close to a cliff and you fall off it, you’re going to fall off the cliff and you’re going to die. There are rules in physical reality. We all share physical reality even if our interpretations of it are different. Physical reality is here, it’s real.

Personal reality though is inter playing with physical reality.  The approach that we’ve had in our culture, in our society to focus only on the physical tangible reality has been a detriment to our brains own adapted ability to understand reality from different perspectives of consciousness. That is a gift. It’s holy and it’s divine. It allows us to create a better world. The diversity of thought creates an incredible garden for all of us to play in. If we all only thought in an objective reality, we all only interpreted reality from the physical standpoint, this world to be very boring. Thank goodness we all each have our own personal realities.

Personal reality is the idea that your consciousness is experiencing all the other realities: physical reality, spiritual reality, social reality. We’re all experiencing it through our own consciousness. A lot of philosophy deals with this fact. A lot of people understand that they  don’t understand anything except through the lens of their own consciousness. It’s kind of mind-blowing. There’s nothing in this world that isn’t a part of you because you have to assimilate your consciousness with it enough to understand it so that it exists to you.

If I see this lighter on the ground I have to assimilate my consciousness with this physical object enough to where I can wrap my head around it and I can say this shape is an object I know what it does is a tool it’s a lighter it’s going to help me light my candle for my prayer my mind has to a certain degree become the lighter in order for me to understand it understanding grokking or comprehending is the ability to merge with something else

so that you can understand fullest self its abilities and its environment when we in Unicult we talk about empathy and understanding other people we have to assimilate our consciousness onto another person and we have to say wow this is a complex being with lots of past experiences how can I merge my consciousness with there’s enough to the point where I get almost a duplicated understanding of their experience we use the example the other day of if you’re walking and you fall any trip and you scrape your knee then you see somebody else who crashes their bike and you can assimilate your experience your understanding of reality with theirs to the point where you can be empathetic oh wow they fell on the bike and they probably hurt similar to maybe not exactly when I fell down and I scraped my knee our ability to assimilate our consciousness with other things in our reality with our entire world indicates that we’re all one and that’s really where the root of you are that which you know which you hate or which if there’s crime and murder and all these you know cops all the crew although corruption right it’s part of you and it’s part of you because you can understand it you can pretend like you don’t understand you pretend like you close your eyes but there’s an aspect of you which can empathize which can’t understand why people do the things that they do and that’s a good thing because you’re rising up and up to be able to assimilate the entire experience of the entire world and from that place you have ultimate compassion unconditional love infinite patience trust and understanding

so when we talk about the layers of perspective and we talk about going from a lower reality to a higher reality from having negative detrimental emotions which we say are you know on the path of mariokart you go off the edge and you’re just spinning out there’s a certain level of reality and we all have been there where we just depressed and lonely and feel bad and have bad ideas about the world and we just spiral on ourselves and then you can go up into more beneficial emotions like love and peace and kindness and as you go up you actually are incorporating a larger perspective of reality into your personal reality it’s a higher level understanding and we mean that from the vantage point it’s not higher as in like oh I’m better cuz I am higher up it’s not about hierarchy it’s about vantage point and actually the higher vantage point you have the more understanding and loving anti hierarchical you become

so your personal reality is that what you see everything through its you incorporating the entire world through your own consciousness and understanding and attempting to empathize the more you can empathize with your reality the higher up your vantage point will because you’re assimilating more data more information into your consciousness into your ability to hold energy your ability to hold energy is your consciousness your conscious understanding

so when we talk about what is valid what is a legitimate viewpoint we have toxic understandings that say only physical reality is valid we don’t give credit to the conscious mind or the alternate perspectives that each person has when they look at reality when they look at the world creating art is a version of saying hey this is my version of reality this is what I feel and think about this thing and I want you to try to understand me arts incredible we sort of disparage art we think it’s like something we should just put aside or enjoy every once in a while or not really honored but we should really honor art as an attempt to communicate it’s an attempt to communicate personal reality

When I really discovered personal reality, I think the first thing that ever made me really understand personally: I bring this girl up all the time because I when I grew up I was not introduced to a lot of things that were outside of the box. I was pretty much you know just like what was on TV, who was like my life and there was not a lot of divergence from that. There was a girl, and you know now we have all this all these aid we have all this understanding for people like this you know this girl probably is maybe a furry now but when we were in high school. She just pretended to be a cat all the time. and she would me out and like try to talk to her she would just meow and like she would like rub up on a desk and stuff and for me coming from a place of like the agonizing pain of trying to fit in I thought what in the world is driving this person to think that they’re a cat.

so it is somewhat something that’s stuck in my memory very strongly but this girl I remember watching her and I thought you know maybe it’s trying to understand her and I thought maybe she really thinks she’s a cat and I was like that must be what’s going on and

From that perspective of attempting to empathize with her and I’m saying well I think she might really think she’s a cat it opened my mind up to this understanding of someone who believes reality is a certain way who believes themselves to be a certain way and who interacts with the world based on their beliefs we all do this to a certain extent if you are born to a wealthy family and you fit the stereotype of what is a successful person and you know your parents are wealthy you’re going to go to the right schools you’re going to be wealthy you’re going to follow all the checkboxes your interpretation of reality is going to be that you deserve that and you’re going to behave – in reality in a way that makes that happen if you feel like an attractive person you’re going to approach other people confidently if you feel like you’re well-liked and it’s easy for you to get along people you’re going to lead your energy in that way

so your personal reality is not just an internal aspect your personal reality is that thing that explains the world to you but it also explains you to other people how you understand your reality determines your behavior and your paradigm and how you are this is what the we always say how does this benefit you how does this help you when we’re talking about personal reality this is the place where you can start to develop all of your ideas about the world this is the place where you start to develop your entire understanding of your own philosophy and why personal reality is the ability to say well in my reality that doesn’t benefit me it’s the ability to stand up for your own conscious understanding of reality and to do, just take a nefertiti moment okay here is Nefertiti this is the Nefertiti moment of Cam Church everyone say what kind of dog is that people pull their cars over people runs they stop their runs take their masks off to talk they say what kind of dog is that I’ve never seen a dog like that and I say Egyptian pharaoh hound and they say what and I say she is an Egyptian pharaoh hound they say oh wow never heard of that before okay I was good I enjoyed that part thank you okay your personal reality thank you okay

so right now you are raising the Cam Church vibration where do you want to say I have to finish the sermon okay all right thank your personal interpretation thank you no you ready for this okay your personal interpretation of reality changes the way that you act and it also changes reality because when you act a certain way reality comes back at you a certain way you’re confident people end up liking you more if you’re insecure people it’s a heavy energy for other people to hold

so it’s good to always do the personal the work inside your own personal reality to make your reality as good as it can possibly be those we’re all of Unicult ideology stems from if it doesn’t benefit you if it doesn’t raise your vibration why believe it why spend time doing it your own vibration is that which you have to constantly experience your personal reality is more important than physical reality because it’s your first interface with the world physical reality is important but how you understand physical reality is more important than physical reality itself anything can happen to anybody and each person will interact with that experience in a completely different way you are the manifest er the guider of your own experience of your own interpretation of reality you get to take responsibility for your personal reality everything in this world only exists because you’re interpreting it you can look at it from a very selfish perspective and you can see the world in this way of like how does this benefit me and that can be very helpful that can be very good but you have to remember every person has the same experience of having a personal reality which is not the same as your personal reality

so from two different places personal reality and really diving into personal reality is selfish and allows you to really investigate your own energy and your own understanding of how the world interacts with your energy and also very empathic because you understand wow the more I understand myself the more I understand how other people have just as much complexity have just as much depth or at least potential for depth and have just as much potential for exploration of these deeper aspects of their selves and you can also see wow I can take my consciousness

so far and my understanding of reality

so far

so can other people and they’re going to go in different places in different realities than me we basically are living in a big Venn diagram and I think that’s like a common symbol the Flower of Life it’s just a big Venn diagram and I think it’s just a big Venn diagram each person is a circle interacting with other circles and we all share the larger picture you can’t necessarily operate the same

so your consciousness is here you can’t completely overlay your consciousness over the top of someone else because that’s their experience but you can’t interact with them and you share a part of your consciousness with them and through all of these connections and all of this understanding we get a bigger picture of empathy

so your personal reality means that you understand the world through your own consciousness it’s completely valid every person’s personal reality is equally valid when we talk about you know crazy people who are in the insane asylum or whatever the old way of thinking about these things were we talk about our to autism or a DD or borderline personalities are any of these disorders these are aspects of different personal realities different experiences of the same physical reality but we each have different internalizations of it and different experiences of it we need to work to empathize with one another and understand that other people’s personal realities are equally valid to our own the flower of life is just a Venn diagram it’s true

so let me just see if there’s anything else that I missed about this and if you want to ask questions you can you get to decide if you see the world as a hologram or however you want to see it within your personal reality you can believe anything that you want to you can believe you are God or a cat or an alien from space you can believe that you are the kindest nicest person in all the world you can believe you are a superhero you can believe in magic you can believe in heaven you can believe in anything you want to you are in control of your personal reality when we believe we are capable of great things we accomplish great things when we believe we are capable of the highest kindness and love we act with the highest kindness and love when we believe in magic we become magical many of the teachings in Unicult focus on crafting the best personal reality that brings you joy we teach to not be limited by other people’s ideas you alone know the truth to your heart and your power many people are trained to feel that this is a detrimental crazy or delusional way of thinking but in fact it is simply true freedom and the key to unlimited power it’s about grounding yourself at the same time as expanding yourself when you take your personal reality and you approach reality in this way of like wow I can do anything I can be anybody how has narrative social reality how a social reality restricted me how is physical reality restricting me where are the places where I can push against social reality is a lot more flexible than physical reality in some ways where are the places I can push against these boundaries and these barriers

so that I can be my most expand itself at the same time recognizing those boundaries and barriers like I said you can’t just go up to a cliff and pretend and assume you can fly believe you can fly and fly away you can’t just say well I’m going to be above money and I’m not going to live with money and then expect to live in a mansion at the same time like there are these restrictions which may or may not be healthy may or may not be fair and there are things we can do to push against these restrictions I think with even the regard of the cliff you can spend time practicing levitation I think there will be a time in the next hundred years where people can where the average person can learn how to levitate I believe that because it gives me hope it makes me happy it makes me feel like we have more power in this world whether or not it ends up to be true I’m not super attached to but I believe things that inspire me to be feeling creative and free

so long as I understand other people have their own realities and other people have their own experiences and being thoughtful and empathetic toward them

so that’s the sermon on personal reality I love you all thank you for the donations are very much appreciated thank you for the attention spirit of uni we call you again to this beautiful chat to bless all the viewers in the past present and future and we bless everyone to have a beautiful wonderful week divinity flowing through their lives always on forever uni was