Today we’re talking about spiritual leadership and I’m going to read from the book because I think what’s written is really good and really concise and then we’ll expound on that.

You are a spiritual leader. The words, actions, and energy you emit all contribute to the actions and mood of those around you. I think we all can understand this. We don’t really talk about it in society, but I think we all can understand if we’re in a bad mood we can see that we make other people in a bad mood if we’re in a good mood we can see that we can help lift other people’s moods our ability to affect our reality – spiritually speaking – and those around us, emotionally speaking, even if you just bring it down to that term, is very potent and very powerful and very real and something that can be tangibly felt and understood by all of us. Recognizing that you are a spiritual leader can be overwhelming, if you feel as though you are contributing to a negative world, but please do not get overwhelmed with this thought. 

What this means is that if you have depression or anxiety – and this is what happened to me because I’m an empath and I felt the energy of everything that I was creating. When I had depression, I could feel my vibration going lower and I could see that when I was spewing the negative feelings that were inside of my body, that I was lowering everyone else’s vibration down. I didn’t have the word “vibration”, I didn’t have the understanding for these things, but I felt so guilty because I could feel that the weight of my soul was making the weight of the world more. I could feel that I was contributing to that heaviness and I felt very guilty for that reason.

This is something that we need to communicate because, first of all people who are not as spiritually in tune with their emotional reality or with the emotional reality of other people around us, might not feel the effects that this kind of energy has on the world, so if you’re at that level you need to start opening up your eyes and opening up your mind to seeing: “When I’m in a good mood, when I’m in a high vibration I’m having a positive effect on the world” vs. “When I’m in a negative vibration I’m having a negative effect on the world”. That’s something that some people need to learn. There are other people who already know that part, but who don’t know how to raise their vibration.

There are other people who don’t know how to take responsibility for their energy. They can feel the fact that they’re having an effect on other people and then they just feel guilty. This is where I was when I had depression. I felt so negative and so guilty and so sad for being sad, that I felt like I was bringing the rest of the world down.

I knew that I was a spiritual leader or at least an emotional energy influencer and I felt guilty for feeling sad and then it got me into a downward spiral and it made me feel trapped in my negative emotions because the more bad I felt, the more bad I felt. The more bad I felt, the more bad I felt and I spiraled downward to a detrimental reality. Remember we have spiraling upward to a beneficial reality or spiraling downward to a detrimental. This is good *points up* and evil *points down*, that’s really all it is.

When you think about if you’re on a path of detriment, if you’re on a downward spiral – maybe you have addiction, maybe you have negative thinking, maybe you have all these different things – on a downward spiral, then it’s easy to continue on that downward spiral because you feel so bad. You have to remember that earth itself is extremely low vibrational and so for you to respond – and the whole system of earth, all of society and everything the reason why it’s a big brainwash is because everything is literally the opposite of benefit. Everything that’s even looking like benefit, is actually tainted in detriment and the whole system is corrupted with detriment. 

We can get to a systematic structure called Unitopia, which is 100% benefit. We have to believe that’s possible. It’s inconceivable at this moment, because we’re so steeped in detriment, we’re so steeped in negative energy, but we can get to a place where the upward spiral is all that we have.

Think about it this way: the entire earth, the entire societal structure, all of the understandings – the hierarchy, the social hierarchy, the capitalist situation of pollution and slave labor – and all of these things is set up in a way that is making it normal and normalizes you to be in a detrimental spiral. It’s normal and right and you feel more comfortable to fit in if you go on that detrimental spiral.

If you have depression or anxiety or you’re mean or you’re a liar or you have any of these other negative traits that are harming you and others, that’s because the world has been designed in a way to elicit that from you. You don’t have to be guilty about it, you don’t have to say “Oh my gosh, why am I such a bad person?” No, you’re just someone who’s tried to get along on earth, but it comes to a point where you recognize your behavior and you get to take a moment and you get to take a breath and you get to say, “I don’t want to be that way anymore, because it’s harmful to me and it’s harmful to others, and I get to choose to go on an upward spiral instead of a downward spiral”, and we get to make that decision every single day, we get to make that decision every single moment. I don’t mean that every moment, you have to say, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!” No, in every moment you have a small little handhold that you can make toward a higher path or you have a small little handhold you can make toward a lower path and you get to make that decision in every single moment. I think it’s more about taking the slow path rather than just assuming that you’re going to be suddenly healed. There is no such thing as suddenly healed; it’s all part of an alignment process.

What does it mean to be a spiritual leader? To be a spiritual leader it means that you are emitting an energy that is affecting the physical reality and it’s affecting the emotional reality of yourself and of everyone around you. It’s also affecting your ability to flow in the energy of the universe.

What I mean by this is that there is a flow. They talk about it in like in work progress, when you get into that flow state a lot of us are familiar with, when you lose yourself and the work that you’re doing and you just feel so good and time flies and you just feel incredible and everything is easy and then, all of a sudden, your body hurts because you’ve been hunched over a painting for four hours and you realize where you’re at. That energy of flow, we can access at all times, if we let go of our fear and our pain and we allow ourselves to be who we are in unconditional love in every moment. 

When you are a spiritual leader, your ability to be someone who can enter into authentic time when you can be who you really are, when you connect to the truth of your own heart, that unlocks a universal flow of energy to go through you, which allows you to manifest at a much more rapid pace. It allows you to see from a much higher vantage point, so you can see other people suffering and you can understand them a lot easier and you can actually find solutions a lot easier to problems, because you’re sitting in a higher point. Think about it like if you’re in a building. You’re on the first floor, you can see the street. If you’re on the 14th floor you can see the whole town. You have a better vantage point, you can see everything from a higher up place.

You have this flow state that gives you the manifestation powers of using energy to create what you’re creating and that can only come from authenticity. It has to come from your true heart, if you’re like “oh, I guess I really want to have a yacht, and I really want to have lots of big boob babes all around me” and you just have this material idea of success and you want to dedicate yourself to that, and you want to manifest that, then you’re going to be blocked in many different ways. Not that you can’t manifest it, but it’s not going to be feeling as good, it’s not going to be as easy to do, as if you connect with your true heart and what you really want – which is probably love and security. You know, you get to break it down to the base understanding of each thing. And when you understand the base thing that you want, then you can flow with the universe.

As a spiritual leader, we understand that we are in charge of our own spiritual energy. We are in charge of our own emotional reality, and our goal is to harmonize our internal state. Our goal is to set boundaries, to feel safe enough to harmonize our internal state. Our goal is to express ourselves so that our needs are met, so we can harmonize our internal state, and our goal is to create a still understanding, a peace. And our goal is to listen to our child self, our authentic heart, and to live in a way that radiates authenticity to be in service to the higher self, the authentic self, however you conceptualize the best aspect of yourself.

As a spiritual leader, you’re in charge of yourself first and foremost. Your own energy is your own domain. You are the creator and manifester of your own emotional spiritual reality. From that point, once you harmonize that, you radiate out like a beautiful ball of energy. You are affecting other people with your energy – whether it’s negative or positive it doesn’t matter, you’re having an effect. You cannot escape that, but as you raise your vibration up to a higher place by harmonizing your internal state, you create a powerful manifesting energy for yourself and for others. The world has no choice but to meet you at your vibration. It’s just law. 

I’ve been looking into some different aspects of space travel and the way that aliens space travel, and they understand the energetic imprint of each location and they are able to change the energetic imprint of their location into the energetic imprint of another location and then they can jump in time-space.

From that understanding, we can see that we can do the same thing with our own energy. When our own vibration is high enough, we are going to be in a higher vibrational reality. There’s no option because we changed our energy signature and we changed our energy blueprint to match it.

As a spiritual leader, you might feel trapped if you’re on the negative cycle of detriment. I think, what I’m trying to get at with the earlier part of what I was saying about “If you’re on a path of negativity of depression, of stress, of being mean, of having addiction, whatever it is,” that’s okay, that’s normal earth stuff, that’s what we’re all here to go through. We’ve all been through it, and nobody can blame you for feeling bad. The world is crazy, especially right now. But there is a point in time where you say, “I don’t take responsibility for having been this way, but I take responsibility for changing.” 

You get to then take mastery over your own world, you get to take responsibility for your own energy and you get to start setting boundaries and harmonizing your internal state, and finding unconditional love and forgiveness – radical forgiveness – for yourself, and for others. And in that way you’ll be leading yourself spiritually into a higher reality. Earth itself is relatively low down in the enlightenment spectrum. If you are simply resonating on a low frequency, like depression or negativity, you are simply resonating with the majority frequency. You aren’t necessarily helping to contribute to a brighter world, but you aren’t going to be making it worse. Unless you’re actively determined to bring chaos and detriment to the world, which some people are, but very few. “Instead, consider the fact that every time you raise your energy into joy or ascension on a higher frequency, you are contributing to the entire planet’s higher resonance. You just focus on the positive. Each positive interaction you have with another person has the potential to ripple out through every single person they interact with – and so on – and even nonverbal interactions have this potential, a simple smile or a moment of eye contact, has the potential to completely shift someone’s entire day, week, or even year.

When we’re talking about our ability to affect the world, we’re talking about how we radiate energy out. I think if you think about the butterfly effect, one small occurrence has the power to radically change all of reality. I think we’ve all had a moment where we’ve seen a video, or we’ve just resonated with someone, or someone spoke something, and something just clicked *snaps* for us and it just shifted our entire energy, and we just suddenly saw what was possible. A lot of times if we are in our own authentic power, we have the ability to do that to people. I think I do that to a lot of people. I think when people see me, they say “oh.” There’s a certain percentage of people who just see me, talking for maybe 10 seconds, and they say “oh”, and they get it, and then their whole life is different. Maybe they never interact with Unicult again, maybe I don’t actually interact with them further than that, but it clicks for them and as we live in our authentic reality we shift the world into authentic reality.

When you’re on the path, when you’re figuring out the path to joy. Maybe you’re going downward, you want to go upward in the path of benefit, rather than detriment. Every single choice you make to be more positive has an effect on the entire world, and I don’t even just mean this in the sense that your energy ripples out, I mean this in the sense that we are connected to one another we are all living in an interwoven matrix of energy. A lot of starseeds, a lot of people, were born here to go through a lot of trauma and a lot of drama, and we’ve gone through this culmination of the mire and the muck and this horrible energy, and abuse, and addiction, and trauma and all of that negative energy was meant to be gone through, because then you have empathy. All pain… The point of pain is to give you empathy with other people who have gone through that.

If you’ve had a hard life, if you’ve been through trauma – everyone’s had trauma – all the trauma that you’ve gone through has been valuable in the sense that you then understand those lower detrimental emotions and as you rise up, as you learn how to raise your vibration, as you learn to work with what you’re given, and you learn to transmute all that downward spiral energy into positive spiral energy, you are offering an energetic platform for other people to feel and experience the same thing.

Even if you never talk to anybody about it, let’s say that you experience something traumatic, and you heal it, and you never talk to anybody about it. You have created an energetic ladder, in the astral, in the global consciousness, that you connected those lines. You can think of it in the material way of the socioeconomic status. If there’s someone who was born poor – and I’m not saying this is something that we should glorify or anything but I’m just giving an example because it’s a way for us to understand the non-tangible, the non-physical – if someone is born poor and they figure out they actually figure out how to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, and they figure out how to climb the socioeconomic ladder to a higher place, that gives other people the blueprint the map and the hope that it’s possible. For instance, I study a lot of ways that different celebrities got famous. How did they get famous and how long did they dedicate to their craft before they were invited into the mass media? And because I can see other people’s paths and I know that they did it, and it’s there in our energy together, they connected those lines together, and so me, as someone else with a different path I can say okay that’s possible. When you see that it’s possible, even if you aren’t aware that this is actually happening – this can happen in the subconscious, this can happen in the energy realms, or it can happen in the aware realms, but we actually are creating ladders from the depths to the light, with every day that we heal. We’re creating strong pathways in our own brains and in the collective unconscious energy, for other people to be able. As we all heal, we all heal. When you heal yourself, you heal the world. When you heal yourself, you heal the world. You become a healer.

We are all spiritual leaders. If you don’t feel like you’re being a great spiritual leader, don’t worry about it, just do what you can to worry about yourself, don’t worry so much about your effect on other people.

That’s true always. It’s not about becoming this glorious person who’s getting all this attention, unless that’s in your path and you’re able to check your ego about it, but we are here to be in service to our higher selves, we are here to be in service to our authentic selves, and we are here to radiate out our authentic truth, and to heal all of the trauma and all of the detriment and all of the negative spiral stuff that this earth is based on, so that we can create a new world that is truly Unitopian. AKA, it’s based in positive beneficial energy through and through, and there actually is no detriment. 

That’s possible. We have to believe that’s possible.

Thank you for joining me for Cam Church! Spirit of Uni, we bless all the viewers in these chat rooms, we have 146 on TikTok, we have six on instagram, we have 51 on youtube, and we bless each and every one of you and thank you for making friends in the chat. Thank you for joining Unicult. Thank you for believing in a hopeful future, thank you for aligning your own energy with your authentic heart and thank you for finding unconditional love and compassion for each and every person who is also on this difficult path with you.

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