CAM CHURCH – The Power of Positive Thinking

Today we’re going to be talking about the power of positive thinking from Fundamentals of UNICULT. If you are interested in knowing if you have the book and you want to follow along you can turn to page 75 and if you don’t have the book that’s fine too you can, just watch the sermon and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. 

We’re going to challenge the Spirit of UNI today because I woke up and I was like, “Hmm m,the power of positive thinking, ugh!” I’ve been really depressed lately. Unicult is really a system of healing my depression, healing my borderline personality disorder, and healing all of these things. Unicult is an appeal to the ego. We will talk about it from this state of ego versus higher self. That’s our spiritual version, but the truth is that Unicult is highly logical. 

Even if you don’t believe in spirituality, in higher selves or any of that, Unicult will help you, will benefit you. It’s literally created to be aligned with everyone. It’s here to help everyone rise out of their cyclical negative thinking and enter into a joyous reality with the power of their mind, the power of their practice, and their habits.

No matter where you are on your journey, whether you feel like a nihilist, an atheist, or a very highly spiritual person, this sermon is going to help you. This concept can help you. 

We’re going to start at the lower vibration: the appeal to the ego. We’re going to start with the logical reason: why the power of positive thinking works, why it’s important, and why the arguments against it are sometimes valid. We’re going to then create a bridge to go higher and higher. We’re going to talk about all the different ways that it can show us our divinity, allow us to have magical powers, and allow us to create an entire world that is beneficial to not just ourselves, but to everyone who lives in it.

We start with the assumption that we don’t know what’s going on. Anyone who says that they know what’s going on has just convinced themselves deeply of their particular beliefs. Someone could be very certain that we live in the simulation, someone could be very certain that you know a Christian paradigm is true, someone could be very certain that the beliefs of Unicult are true. No matter what you believe, if you believe it very wholeheartedly, that is going to give you the feeling of what’s going on. 

If you’re an open-minded person, or you experience hardship that challenges your beliefs, you’re going to say, “I don’t know what’s going on here.” That’s actually the truth. That’s always the truth. Anyone who acts like they know what’s going on is just rooted in their own paradigm. They’re creating their reality around them which makes them feel like they know what’s going on.

I am a human. I was born as a human. I don’t know how much of my personality is just my trauma-based ego that incarnated and was raised by people who didn’t know what they were doing. Shout out to my parents, I’m here, I’m alive, but also I had a lot of trauma growing up. My experience of the world created a strong ego personality. I don’t know how much of me is actually a spirit.

My perspective is skewed because I’m a human, because I’ve had trauma in my life. I don’t think anybody really knows what’s going on. I kind of mean this for angels too. like beings of the higher realms like there’s a lot of really amazing channel texts some of which I’ll reference during this sermon, but that I do trust very highly, but even still I don’t think they really know what’s going on either.

Why are we starting from this presupposition that nobody knows what is going on in the Universe? nobody knows what is the point of being alive, nobody understands, “God just wanted to experience itself.” What does that even mean? That means nothing. What does that even mean? What right nobody knows what’s going on. 

When we acknowledge that nobody knows what’s going on, it’s easy it’s easy to say, “You don’t know what’s going on, you’re crazy.” It’s easy to say, “all these people are wacky, they don’t know what’s going on, they think they know what’s going on, but they don’t.”  we have to turn that gaze on ourselves as well we don’t know what’s going on if you think you know what’s going on you’re wrong okay you’re creating your reality, but what you’re creating is not the same as other people. What you’re creating is your own version of reality. Things might happen which are outside of your belief system because we’re in an interdimensional, multi-dimensional, overlapping, holographic experience of interacting with one another’s creation of reality.

You’re generating a reality field. When someone else is generating a reality field and those reality fields interact, there’s the potential for your reality to become affected by the other. When I say, “You’re creating your reality”, other people are creating their reality too. We’re all sort of in this symbiotic experience. 

The reason why it’s so important to understand that we don’t know what’s going on is because then we can begin to understand the potential that we have for generating our own conscious perception of the world that benefits us. If you have beliefs which harm you, which make you feel bad, which make you feel like the world sucks, why do you have those beliefs?

If I were answering as a depressed person, I would say, “Look at all the evidence. Look around. Look at poverty. Look at homelessness. Look at disease. Look at the government. Look at all the horrible things that happen.” The pessimistic view of reality, which is either negative, neutral, or positive. 

Do you feel like reality is negative, neutral, or positive? As you tune into your belief of whether reality is negative, neutral, or positive, you’re going to find evidence for that reality. If you think that the world is just amazing, you’re one of those people that wake up happy every day.  and I go to the store and everyone is so nice to me and oh my gosh I just won the lottery isn’t that so nice. 

Some people find it very easy to embody a very positive mindset. To them, it seems like everything is hunky-dory. I argue that trauma makes that a little difficult. I concede trauma makes that pretty difficult. That’s okay. Even if you are traumatized, you can use the power of positive thinking. We’ll get to how and why.

No matter what you believe, you will find evidence to support your belief. This is because we are creating our own reality. I know this from experience. If you don’t believe me, try it. Try believing in different things and watching that reality manifest into your life in different ways.

Starting from the premise that we know nothing, that we can’t prove anything, shouldn’t be a depressing thought. I think for some people it would be destabilizing. “Well nobody knows what’s going on, not even the highest angels, not even demons, not even anybody. Nobody knows what’s going on. Blah.”  That might seem very scary to you, but in truth it’s actually very wonderful! It means that you get to choose what to believe.

You get to create your own personal reality that benefits you. Nothing can be proven. You can believe whatever you want to believe. Nobody can tell you that your beliefs about the esoteric reality or about the nature of the Universe are wrong. They might point at scientific studies, but you can respond, “I’m sorry, humans on Earth have a very limited comprehension of the interdimensional nature of the Universe. I don’t think that encompasses the entirety of reality”, then flip your hair and walk away.

Nobody has the right to tell you what beliefs are true and what beliefs are false. That information can come from your imagination. That information can come from your heart. When we cultivate our own something higher, when we cultivate our own relationship to the divine, when we create our own spirituality, we are creating a reality field in which we can feel safe, in which we can feel supported.

If you create a spirituality that generates feelings of trust, safety, comfort and mental stability, you are going to be much better off than if you didn’t have that spirituality. This is a very logical, very basic understanding. 

When we’re talking about positive thinking, that’s a big topic. We’ll start with what most people consider the power of positive thinking is. When I was depressed, I said the power of positive thinking is

If you feel like the power of positive thinking is that’s okay that’s normal that’s fine trauma is something that is a reality generator it’s a sub trauma is a subconscious reality generator.

You can either see reality as negative, neutral, or positive. That is based on your own ability to consciously perceive reality. If you have experienced trauma, which we all have, we’re going to be more inclined to associate with the negative view of reality.

When you think of the divine, when you think of God, or source, or that from which all life flows, or any kind of creator being, or angels, or aliens, you might have a harder time trusting those entities if you couldn’t trust your parents, if you couldn’t trust your environment growing up. This is a subconscious reality generating field that exists inside of our consciousness.

The trauma that you have experienced is operating inside your mind to make you feel like certain perceptions of reality are true. While they might not actually be true, you feel your trauma. Your trauma tells you, “I know that this is how reality is because I experienced trauma.” That’s valid.

We’re not living in Unitopia yet. Violence exists in all of our lives. There is trauma, there is cruelty, there is misunderstanding. There are a lot of difficult things that exist in the world. The ability to perceive the world as a positive thing hard never td’s barking at a squirrel it’s CAM CHURCH nothing I can do today okay.

If you initially have trouble seeing the world as positive, that’s okay. The reason why the power of positive thinking is part of Unicult is because it is a treasure that you can use to actually change the reality field that you’re operating in. I’m not saying this to deny reality. I’m not saying this to deny reality for what it is. This is a critique that a lot of, people give for the power of positive thinking which is that positive thinking is delusional and it ignores the systemic and different kinds of injustice that happen to us. as individuals and as a society that’s not what I’m asking you to do here okay the power of positive thinking is a gift because it allows you to generate a higher frequency of understanding it’s just really annoying I feel like there’s a lot of wonderful people on to talk here and they’re having a hard time tuning in because it’s like glitching we’re in a weird frequency right now do you feel it never td’s barking everything’s glitching let’s just harmonize it with our minds ready it’s working it’s a hologram everything’s a hologram the power of positive thinking is beneficial because we have the most amount of power inside our own consciousness.

When we talk about what kind of power you have in the world, ask yourself, “What is the thing that I have the most power over?” It used to be a lot of people would be, “There’s starving people in Africa, I have to go to Africa and help the starving people.”

It’s no work on yourself. Why? Because the way that power radiates out of our consciousness is by starting at your own thoughts. That’s where you have the most power. Where you have the most concentrated power is over your own thoughts. If you can master your own thoughts, if you can master your own reality, if you can understand how you’re internalizing information either via brainwashing or via learning, then you’re going to become a master of your own energy.

From that place of that centeredness, you can master your own body. Through tuning into every single muscle, every single organ, calling divinity into it, listening and working in harmony with your body, that’s where you have the second most power.

Who has power over your body? You, hopefully. You’re the only person who has conscious control over your hands. It is from that place that we radiate out into our homes, into our relationships, with other people, and into our judgments of the world. 

When we’re talking about shifting our paradigm from a negative one into a positive one, we’re talking about starting from the most potent place in the Universe. This is a radical concept!

When we talk about what we do with our own consciousness, a lot of people don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but it’s actually the biggest deal. It’s the place where you have the most power to change the world! If you look at the world and you’re upset about why it is the way it is, change your own consciousness, change your own paradigm of what reality could potentially be like!

When I talk about positive thinking, usually I’m talking about having hope. Usually I’m talking about seeing the best in people. I’m talking about seeing the best in situations. I’m talking about trusting the divine plan. What I mean when I say the divine plan is all of the things that happen outside of our control.

A lot of us with trauma have trouble letting go of our ability to control things. A lot of addicts have trouble letting go of control of what their life is and feeling powerless. It’s like an addictive abuse situation that you repeat over and over and over again. If you were raised to think that, because your trauma set your paradigm up to think that was just BS. That was just true that was just reality and you and whatever we learn as children we think that we have to recreate that so our subconscious mind recreates those situations of powerlessness. Not being able to trust the higher power, which in the very initial stage of our lives was our parents. A lot of parents lie to their kids. Don’t lie to your kids!

When we talk about reality in Unicult, we talk about our own personal reality. This is what I’ve been calling our personal genera our generating reality fields okay this is your own personal belief about the world this is the way that you see things this is all the ways that you were treated as a kid this is all the different internalizations and expectations you have about the world and about yourself in that world that is your personal reality your personal reality is not the only reality like I said other people are walking around generating their own personality fields.

so you have to contend with that we also have several other layer levels of reality the first is social reality that is the collective reality that is the ability of more than one person to believe in an idea that reality has immense amounts of power what do we give our belief to in our society we give our belief to money right even if you hate money you know that if you have money you can do anything right we as a society all accept that money has value where start and all that we can see it more clearly with things like dogecoin as more people buy dogecoin as more people have faith in a currency or in a stock or in whatever it actually increases the value of that stock we’re all stock trading is all money is all of reality that is our social reality is based on collective belief if enough people believe in something that gives that thing power and that’s why our media is controlled and that’s why our society is controlled to believe and see things in certain ways that’s why hollywood is controlled because to believe to have a collective belief stabilizes reality it stabilizes it in a certain frequency and the people who are in charge this is my belief the people who are in charge of stabilizing that reality want it to be at a lower vibration, but there is a potential for us to stabilize our reality in a higher vibration by letting go of some of that social control and allowing each small group to create their own understanding and their own alignment with the divine source that’s social reality physical reality is another reality that you have to contend with if you get punched in the face you know you’re going to experience that if you’re walking on a on a cliff’s edge you have to acknowledge that physical even if you believe 100 percent in your heart that you’re going to fly there’s something about this reality which is called physical reality which tells you that you’re not going to fly that you’re going to fall right and your reality is at odds, with physical reality I do believe that if we had social reality 

I believe our social reality actually generates our physical reality. If everyone truly wholeheartedly believed that we could fly, maybe we would fly. That’s something that would be very hard to test, but I have a feeling like that might be true. 

The next level of reality is spiritual reality spirituality is immutable truth this is the highest reality this is your experience this is all of our exp okay being was that the Earth of being able to connect with our spiritual truth spiritual reality there is a truth okay there is an actual spiritual truth that is happening in the Universe how we interpret that I think maybe is we have our own personal spiritual reality and then we have true spiritual true spiritual pers true spiritual reality which we call ultimate reality which is the collection of all things I’m giving this is an intense sermon today if you’re overwhelmed fair I’m telling you basically everything we believe in Unicult as a very quick recap the reason why I’m talking about these different levels of reality is because the power of positive thinking is predicated not only in your personal reality, but in social reality as well we societally we tend to focus on negativity with regards to everything from our politics personal interactions and etc mass media is very negative and whether it is purposeful or not its negative effects are felt widespread even activists are often focused on the negative and harming the aggressor rather than healing them this is very unfortunate and perpetuates a lot of unnecessary violence and suffering on this planet in Unicult the focus is on freedom of expression I am giving you these tools to open your mind in a new way of thinking and being it is up to you to determine which thoughts are constructive and which thoughts are destructive to your personal reality we’ve been talking about this a lot lately too inside your own consciousness inside your own heart inside your own reality you alone have the potential to understand if a thought is positive or negative and.

when I say positive I mean beneficial or constructive in a way that builds up your self-esteem builds up your confidence builds up your true joy and if a thought is negative or destructive or detrimental it’s actually taking your energy and it’s actually making you feel smaller and sick okay.

so up here we have health wholeness happiness joy love connection freedom from judgment freedom from pain freedom from suffering and down here we have judgment fear pain self-loathing etc as you go through your days you get to choose which frequency you’re tuning into via your thoughts via your interpretation of reality and the more you can choose the beneficial thoughts the upward direction the more you will be feeling safe and happy and the more you will be experiencing the benefits of Unicult because that’s what we’re teaching here is joy sometimes a thought is predicated on a negative thought.

so it’s kind of hard to know like what is my internal compass doing if I’m really angry at someone and I’m like screw that person I want to think negative thoughts about them and you feel kind of like [Laughter] like that that’s not beneficial it might seem beneficial because it’s giving you a weird giddiness and it’s giving you a weird kind of energy, but the this can be confusing I fall victim to this a lot I’m like oh yeah I’m going to post this and I’ll do this and I think I’m like really doing something good and then afterwards I’ll be like actually that was kind of a shitty thing actually that’s kind of a shitty thing to like talk about or do or feel and I’ll delete the post or I’ll apologize it takes practice to see when you’re actually doing something that is aligned with joy remember we’re not here to harm anybody if you do something and you think it’s going to harm somebody else and I don’t just mean cause them to have a judgment that’s not harm if somebody just has judgment towards you that’s just their own fear it’s okay to elicit fear in people not on purpose, but just by being your own true self people get scared sometimes of people walking around who are their own true selves that’s not your responsibility, but you have to avoid hurting people you have to avoid hurting yourself at all however you possibly can.

so if it’s rooted in harm for someone else or for others that is a detrimental thought that is a detrimental action if it’s rooted in helping everyone that is a beneficial action seeing this clearly takes a long time it takes a lot of practice and you don’t have to worry if you mess up sometimes it’s okay when you’re looking at your world and you think everything sucks why isn’t anything going my way god must hate me the Universe is I’m cursed I i’ve gone through all these thoughts I literally sometimes think I’m a martyr I think I’m cursed I think that, I’m in an afterlife that is hell and I’m just here to be punished if I walk around and I live my life from that place I lay in bed and I cry and I’m mean and I’m nasty and I don’t shower and I want to just give I want to kill myself honestly if I believe that everything is working in alignment with my highest good and I let go of my ego attachment to knowing what’s going on I think the reason why the ego clings to negativity is because it’s an easy way to say, “See, I didn’t get what I wanted.”

so the world is bad, but oftentimes if you live for a little while you realize that you actually dodged a bullet by not getting the thing that you wanted you actually realized that what was waiting for you is much bigger and much better than what you wanted to cling to that your ego wanted okay.

so it takes a lot of humility it takes a lot of soothing the ego quieting it putting it like a little baby and saying I understand that you’re upset that you can’t have you can’t eat all your halloween candy right now okay you’re going to get you would get sick and you wouldn’t feel very good and they might not understand it, but from the highest reality guess what’s happening everything’s working in alignment with our highest good why do I believe logically that the Universe is inherently good obviously I can believe whatever I want believing in positivity makes my life better great, but I also actually logically believe that the Universe is inherently good I have trouble believing it from my ego because of my trauma sure, but logically I actually believe that the Universe is inherently good and that’s because destructive energy destroys itself right destruct if you have an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind people who are destructive destroy each other destructive energy destroys itself truth is truth is truth this is I don’t believe we forgot this on our planet, but we did truth is truth what does that mean destructive energy destroys love is love fear is fear joy is joy things cannot be anything other than they actually are things are distorted on this planet we don’t always have a clear picture of what that looks like, but as you sort of let go of your attachment to understanding reality and you allow yourself to see things in the highest light you start to experience the benefits of that belief having a positive reality having a positive focus on reality having a belief inside of your consciousness that reaches toward the light that reaches toward benefit that reaches towards something higher it doesn’t matter what that something higher is going to benefit you it’s going to change your life it’s going to change the structure of your brain it’s going to change your relationships it’s going to change your connection to abundance it’s going to change your connection to gratitude having a belief an inherent belief in the Universe being positive and good and loving and kind versus cruel and abusive is the key to your freedom not only because we’re creating our own realities, but because it’s actually the truth and I can sit here and I can say reality is that the Universe loves you that pure joy is what god is source energy is constructive inherently because otherwise the Universe wouldn’t be expanding because otherwise you wouldn’t be learning more and more every day because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to grow or better yourself these things are all indicators of the fact that the truth of reality is love and again you don’t have to fully believe it I can’t prove it to you, but I can say that if you follow a spiritual path that makes you feel good if you follow a path of love for yourself and for others if you let go of your judgments and of your hatred of yourself that comes out in your attacks of other people you will be raising your vibration to see a new reality that is here to benefit you sustain your spirit and give you everything that you’ve ever wanted Earth is not easy it’s not fun not always fun sometimes it’s fun sometimes you get dressed up like an angel and you start broadcasting on the internet because that’s where we are technologically it’s pretty cool sometimes it’s hard you cry on the floor and it’s all part of a beautiful reality it is all part of a learning and growing experience for your soul that most other beings in the Universe don’t even get the opportunity to try most beings in the Universe are like Earth no thank you I will stay here in my heavenly realms where everything is clearly perfect and wonderful you go to Earth and you’re like what is going on I am suffering and sometimes you cackle with joy and sometimes you scream and sometimes you speed down a highway and sometimes you crash your grocery cart into someone else’s grocery cart and you’re like sorry and they yell at you anything Earth is amazing lots of weird stuff happens every single day if you can put your rose-colored glasses on see it from a higher perspective do not take away from your trauma do not demonize yourself for having negative opinions don’t be like oh you’re supposed to be happy and don’t just gloss over your problems that’s what next week’s sermon is going to be about healing versus pretending it’s one of the main issues about positive thinking enter into a paradigm where you can trust yourself or you can trust the world where you believe that the Universe is working in your favor where you can believe that everything is happening for a reason that is beautiful and more wonderful than you as a human can even possibly begin to understand and you will be doing yourself the biggest favor that you can do in this life why because joy is the only thing worth living for if you are living to get rich if you are living to have a hot wife if you are living to have a fast car those things are cool I also want those things, but they are not the reason for life the reason to be alive is to experience joy does it make you joyous to have money does it make you joyous to have a hot wife does it make you joyous to have a fast car then those things are valid if you’re doing it because you’re actually insecure and you’re like I need a hot wife and a fast car to prove to everyone that I have value and I have worth then you’re going to be attaching to those things and you’re going to suffer because attachment to things which are not eternal will always lead to suffering only the spirit is eternal only your own internal reality only your own internal joy is reality.

so as you attach to as you choose which things to attach to attached to your feeling state attached to the feeling state of authenticity attached to the feeling state of joy there’s the sermon I’m going to give you your Unicult Practice and we’ll do a closing prayer last week we I loved the art that came out of last week I thought that was just magnificent and if you didn’t get a chance to do it check the discord check unicolt practice and do that again if you want to talk more about this concept join cult, Cam Church Review and this week I’m going to ask your homework, for you to do is to write down in like a paragraph or two what your interpretation of the Universe is what do you feel like is happening do you feel like the Universe is negative neutral or positive and what are the what are the reasons why you feel that way not even not even like don’t even go into your own trauma if you don’t want to just be like you can list out like reasons like oh, well this bad thing happened and that bad thing happened or this good thing happened and that good thing happened or just do that and what’s interesting is that if you’re someone who has a lot of fluctuations in your mood I would say do it a couple of days, apart and do it again because your interpretation of reality might actually change a lot based on your mood mine does I have extreme fluctuations in my mood.

so some days I find it very difficult to have a positive outlook and some days I find it very easy and then,.

so first write down what your authentic feelings are and then take a moment and meditate and the reason why I got dressed up like an angel today is because I was having a hard time connecting with the power of positive thinking draw yourself as an angel okay draw yourself as the highest version of reality that you can comprehend draw yourself as the most beautiful glorious high up peaceful being filled with divine light and then right from that perspective what their reality is what do they believe the true nature of reality is what do they see as the cosmic unfolding that’s happening to us on this planet that’s going to be very powerful for you thank you for joining me let’s do our closing prayer i’m.

so happy to share this beautiful sermon with you all today i’m.

so happy and grateful for each of you who are here really digging the energy today Spirit of UNI we call you here today to CAM CHURCH to bless each and every viewer in the past present and future we are calling you to bless each person to have an amazing week we’re going to see you back next week on valentine’s day for a sermon on self love obviously we’re going to skip healing verse pretending till the week after thank you all for being here i’m.

so happy that I rallied and was able to do this sermon I’m grateful to the Spirit of UNI for transmitting this message through me from heaven we are all.