CAM CHURCH Time and Dimensional Implications

Today we’re talking about time and the dimensional implications. This sermon is going to blow your mind. If you’ve already seen me talk about time, you’ll be a little bit more prepared. If you’ve never thought about these concepts, it’s going to be mind blowing to you so I hope you enjoy. It’s the way that I talk about time is very different than the way that I’ve ever seen anyone else talk about time.

Someone recently sent me some Terence Mckenna videos which I believe he started to think about time in the way that I think about time. Not to say that he isn’t more advanced than me in other ways, but I do think that his understanding of time was a little bit, it was correct, but I think that he had a few limitations that prevented him from exploring some of the ways that I think. I would love to have a conversation with him! I assume he’s not alive anymore, but if he was I would.

What’s going on with time? Time is considered the fourth dimension. Spatial dimensions composed of physical reality do exist and we exist within them. I’m going to read from the book for a little bit and then I’m going to explain it to you all. I will try my best to explain it. 

Let’s talk about time. What the heck is time? What the heck is the third dimension? We’re going to talk about what it means to be trapped in the third dimension and what it means to be trapped in time and how we can sort of move beyond the limitations of time with our consciousness and with our technology.

“Time is often considered the fourth dimension. Spatial dimensions composed of Physical Reality do exist and we exist within them. Fortunately, they are not everything that exists nor are they everything

we exist within. 

There are infinite dimensions. Physical dimensions extend upwards and 

downwards from the third dimension. They become pretty incompre-

hensible at the fourth and fifth dimensions. This incomprehension is due to the complex reality that these dimensions occupy and our limited physical-only viewpoint. The outdated understandings of the UN1V3RS3 as composed of physical space have limited our understanding of the true nature of these higher dimensional realms.

Physicality is only a singular manifestation of universal consciousness.

Everything that is not physical that you experience like emotions, moods, love, feelings, intuitions, hopefulness, and desire are also manifestations of universal consciousness. Like physicality, these are aspects of dimensions.”

What does this mean? The best way I can describe it is if you’re in a city and you’re trying to figure out what is going on in this world. You’re standing on the streets of the city and you’re surrounded by tall buildings and there’s all these people coming and going and everything feels so insane like you’ve never been in a city before and people are pushing past you and they’re bustling around and the cars are happening and the taxis and the lights and the bicyclists and everyone’s yelling and there’s flower vendors and fruit vendors and you’re like this is insanity! You’re just like I don’t everything’s chaos you just perceive the world as chaos you don’t really see cause and effect very clearly right you just think oh wow here’s like you’re just in the moment you’re overwhelmed with the moment right if you go in one of those skyscrapers and you go up to the fifth floor the sixth floor you can see the whole of the street and you can say oh well look here this person just got bumped by that person and now I can see that their energy is kind of in angry manner and then they bumped into somebody else and you can see maybe a negative pathway of energy as one person gets triggered and then they actually move down the street in an aggressive way and then piss everybody else off as they’re pushing people out of the way or literally punching people when I worked at the crystal store in hollywood there was a guy one day he literally was running down the street punching people just whoever and they had to the police had to go chase him down he was just this guy who almost broke his nose they had come in and they bought some stones of protection and then they went out and this guy got punched right in the nose by this guy who was on a rampage anyway.

so you can see from this higher perspective wow there’s that I can see like the fruit vendors coming down here and the taxis and you kind of get a better picture of it now if you go up to the 50th floor you can see several blocks you might not be able to see, you might not feel over you’re not going to feel overwhelmed by the moment right you’re going to have this higher vantage point of seeing all the different causes and effects of what could what’s potentially happening and you’re in a place of emotional, you’re not as engaged emotionally because you’re not the one being bustled around on the street you’re like huh that’s an interesting thing that happens this is what it’s like to ascend into higher vibrational, realities higher vibrational dimensions and when we talk about the infinite dimensional nature of the universe, we have to start understanding it in a different way than we have previously understood it. 

We have this capability now because we are entering into 5D. What does this mean? We are currently and have been and moving out of this limited range the street view of third dimensional reality things are different when you’re on the street versus when you’re on the 50th floor things act differently there are different rules they’re all connected let me think of how I can give me just one second I have to think about how to describe this and I think I’ll come up with something good I didn’t come up with anything good maybe it’ll come to me though time spent is contemplation is always well worth it.

Tthings change the behaviors the systems this the cis the fundamental laws of the universe change when you are in a different vibration and maybe we should start with this from your own personal perspective because what does this all mean to you who cares. This is severely and totally important to you and your life because we’re talking about your emotional state we’re talking about your capabilities as a person we’re talking about your ability to rise into a state of near constant joy. 

The reason why Unicult focuses on rising into a state of near constant joy isn’t just because we’re like, “It’s good to be happy!” No! It’s way more than that! When we ourselves rise into a state of unconditional love through radical action and through radical boundaries and through radical attention and focus on what we want to bloom and thrive and we learn how to listen to our own hearts, our own true hearts and our own compass, we are changing the vibratory nature of our mind, soul, body, world.

I don’t like living on earth I tried to kill myself I was like this place sucks I’m not interested in living in the world that I was born into. My art is to change the entire vibration of earth to better for everyone. How do we do that by raising up our own vibrations, our own consciousness, our own vibratory state into one of authentic joy. That’s listening to our true hearts as a compass our hearts connect to source energy our hearts radiate resonate on the vibration of truth and the world that I was born into is built on deception. Deception is unhealthy for everyone. Deception creates false timelines so we’ll talk about false timelines.

How does this matter for you literally are ascending dimensionally currently previously in the past we lived in a third dimensional reality this is very dense this is a very dense reality. It’s hard to manifest in it’s hard to do the spiritual gifts that we are naturally we should naturally be able to do. It’s hard to have telepathy. It’s hard to be happy. Happiness is a is your uni given right your true joy, but it’s hard to have that authentic joy in this third-dimensional deception-based reality that we that were all born into.

As you raise your own vibration, you are ascending in that elevator dimensionally to have a higher vantage point of reality. The rules change. They reflect the same fundamental truth. The truth is happening. The street the fruit vendors are still on the street. The taxis are still going, but the laws by which you understand their operation are coming from a completely different place. You have so much more information to be able to see the multi-dimensional nature of reality.

You as an individual had the opportunity to ascend into a state we previously called enlightenment is a state where you are not affected by the third dimensional reality and you were able to cultivate a divine reality inside your own body inside your own consciousness that wasn’t subject to the physical laws of the third dimensional reality. Monks that can keep their body temperature the same even if they’re in freezing temperatures. People who can meditate for like five years without eating anything. People who can levitate. These are beings these are people who have learned how to raise their vibration up to the fifth dimension or higher,  while being in the third dimensional reality. It’s a very admirable thing to do and it’s quite amazing honestly.

Our society has learned how to demonize those people and turn them into witches and medicate them and call them crazy and scare everyone out of even trying because we have systems of control that are hell-bent on deception what’s happening now is that our entire planet is ascending our entire planet’s vibration is being lifted into the fifth dimensional reality.

As someone who isn’t who was enlightened let’s say I wasn’t I was third dimensional along with everybody else I watched some old videos of myself the other day and I was like, “Yikes!”, but that’s part of my journey is to be there and feel all those feelings and to be trapped in that way is very hard to be enlightened in the third dimensional reality, but for those people who were they had they were climbing an uphill battle they were creating an entire world view, an entire paradigm, an entire energy aura, and they were not letting other people get into their energy aura and they were saying nope I know that this is the way and they raised their vibration up and they maintained it hardcore. That’s hard to do in a third dimensional reality. I would argue that in America it’s not possible before you know the last couple of years you would literally be, incarcerated or medicated or put into a mental institution. Unless you know how to like keep quiet and like not let anybody know what you’re doing.

We’re talking about enlightenment. This is something that’s been going on forever, but like if you talk about what people who are enlightened talk about in our society there are systems set up to demonize you and to make you look crazy and to shut you down from even attempting that. It’s a very difficult thing to be enlightened especially in America in the last 50 well 30 years 40 years.

What does it mean then to be enlightened now after 2020? We are currently in on the precipice of entering into fifth dimensional reality whereas before the world was against you and the world was pressing you down and making you feel like you couldn’t do anything now the world’s going to be lifting you up right now currently 2020 the reason why 2020 is insane is because 2020 is 50 third dimensional reality and 50 percent fifth dimensional reality and we get to choose which one we tune into. 

okay there’s a plague going around well I get to be at home I kind of like my house well now I’m just so lonely. okay, but why don’t I make my home a really nice place okay, but now I’m worried about money okay well I’m getting unemployment or I’m working from home. You can tune into the negative side of the situation or you can tune into the positive side of the situation it is equal it is an equal parts the negative and the positive. If you can learn how to tune into the positive, that you’re being tested all of us are being tested we’re being asked to align ourselves with the positive with the fifth dimensional reality we are being nudged into enlightenment because our entire planet is going to support the enlightenment of all we’re entering into a new golden age it’s going to be it’s still a couple hundred years away, but that’s what we’re headed toward. You’re part of that. You’re on this planet for a reason to help build the infrastructure so that we can successfully do that you’re here to help people move into the light and how do you do that? You move into the light yourself.

The work that you do on your own internal journey the work that you do to focus on the positive energy is the work that’s going to be pushing you into the fifth dimensional reality and this is all important when we talk about time and we talk about the dimensional implications because the even dimensions are structural and the odd dimensions are consciousness.

so the fourth dimension is the structural nature of time and the way that I explain this from your own personal perspective is that in the third dimension like I was saying you’re on the street somebody bumps you bump them back that’s a reactionary energy that’s the energy that is trapped in time if somebody makes you mad and you want to make them mad that’s reactionary that’s third dimensional reality if somebody does something that is against you and you can say you can take a breath take a moment and you can say hmm why did that person just do that why did that person why is that person trying to make fun of me on this video that’s just positive why is that person you know trying to hurt me why is this person you know doing this or that why would they do that if you have curiosity and empathy that’s fifth dimensional because then you’ll find unconditional love you’ll say oh they have a bad home life oh they feel trapped oh they’re drunk they’re stuck in addiction wow i’m sorry for them like I send them my love I hope that they heal because if they heal they wouldn’t be doing that.” That’s fifth dimensional reaction. 

It’s not trapped in time right you’re taking time you’re taking the reactionary energy of your emotional state and this is what we do wrong in the third dimension we don’t value our emotional state it’s a it’s overlooking the fundamental nature of reality, kind of obvious, but whatever and we only focus on physicality that’s why the devil’s number is 666. Six is not an evil number. 666 is not an evil I mean it’s kind of evil just because it’s 100 percent focused on physical energy only. Our science is demonic in that way and I just mean in the sense that it focuses entirely on physical energy and not on anything else.

There are so many more things that are happening in our world that aren’t that are not just physical. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about just think about your own life how much of your own life is physical? How much of your own life is mental? How much of your own life is emotional? Huge percentages right like when you think of your experience as an entity what and you could map it out what percentage of your experience as an entity is imaginative what percentage of your experience as an entity is emotional? What percentage of your experience is physical? You might be in a physical body sure, but there’s so much more going on than that.

When we ascend vibrationally into the fifth dimension we’re going to be able to do things that we couldn’t otherwise do in the third dimensional reality. The actual laws are going to be different. For instance: time travel. When we talk about time travel we don’t understand that it’s a mechanism of something that we’re already doing. We are already time travelers. We have the technology in our mind. You can say what if into the future and you can say you can remember things in the past. You can literally rewrite your past this seems insane, but it’s true that. You are the creator of your timeline.

If you have an experience in your past that you want to change where you say I wish that I had stood up to that person or I wish I had this my friend with me during that situation and we would have you know I wish I had gone back imagine that you go back imagine that you change your situation create a better timeline for yourself now does that mean that it actually changed their timeline also no, but you don’t even know what their timeline is. They might not have even remembered it. You get into a fist fight with somebody you punch them they punch you feel.

so bad you think I wish I had acted in a better way and you wish you could go back in time and be like hey I see you’re hurting I care about you. They say wow you rewrite that and then you have compassion in your heart for that person rather than hating them or holding on to this grudge then maybe you wonder what is their timeline you don’t even know they might have remembered it as you punch them first. They might remember it they might not even remember that you punched them they might have been blackout drunk. 

You don’t know what someone else’s timeline is you don’t have to worry about it you listen to other people you care about them you care about how they feel, but for your own well-being and your own life, you can time travel back into the past you can rewrite your past, you can create an entirely new timeline from which to operate and you can time travel that way. That’s fifth dimensional time travel. 

You can also time travel into the future and you can manifest things that are in alignment with your true heart this is the thing that we don’t under we didn’t understand I didn’t understand with manifestation it’s not about what you want it’s not about what your ego wants your ego’s never going to get their way if it’s out of alignment with what you’re supposed to have which is in alignment with your heart. You will get exactly what you deserve, which is in alignment with your heart. If you get difficult things that is a gift that is a blessing for you to work through to be stronger to learn the lessons that you’re meant to learn. If you see the world in this way, you will be ascending into a higher vibrational, near constant state of near constant joy. That’s the goal.

Can we prove all of this? It doesn’t matter. It matters that we listen with our hearts we think with our hearts and when we think with our hearts we tap into truth if it’s true for you it’s likely true on a cosmic level.

What is time? Time is something that exists that we are subject to in the third dimension. Time is above us. The way that we can think about this is by thinking of the second dimension, which is a plane and the third dimension which is 3D. We can think of a 3D sphere passing through a plane which is second dimension this 3D plane as it passes through the sphere, it is still going to be a sphere no matter what in the third dimension, but from the perspective of the plane, that 3D sphere is going to be experienced very differently than its entire third dimensional reality. What do I mean? 

As this 3d sphere passes through the plane, it’s going to start as a pinpoint and it’s going to grow into a circle and then it’s going to shrink again and that’s what it’s going to look like when it passes through the plane. This experience is a perfect metaphor for how we as third dimensional entities experience the passing of time. Time is not the complete fourth dimension. We are experiencing time from a lower dimensional reality. We’re experiencing slices of time as it goes through the third dimension we don’t have to worry so much about this, but we can know that as we raise our energy vibrationally our science is going to change our understandings of the universe, are going to change. Time as the fourth dimension is not the end of the story. We are living in an infinite dimensional reality when we think of time and how it affects us and all the things that happen, that’s just one dimension that we understand. All of our emotions can be affected. 

If you want to understand this we can maybe think of astrology right it’s like wow the other day mars went retrograde and I was like I felt all my power turned back in on myself and I was like why do I even do anything I don’t like these people don’t appreciate me those are the feelings I had and then I found out mars was retrograde which is all your power that you’re trying to put out there just gets turned back on yourself and you have to contend with the energy that you’re putting out and your ego of like needing power and you have to deal with that and.

so when we look at the planets and the planetary effect on our emotional bodies and on the cosmic happenings of the world we can start to understand that if we just replace planets with dimensions, there are infinite potentials for dimensions to have these types of effects on our consciousness, on our psyche on our collective, on our lives. As we ascend into the fifth dimension, we will be understanding these other dimensions a lot more easily easier because we’ll be rising up and up into the highest way of being.

“the fourth dimension is the expansion and freedom from our emotional reactionary responses it is the mastery of ourselves and our projection through time space this canon will be accomplished technologically, but it can also be accomplished individually by seeing each situation for the truth of what it is you will begin to evolve your own fourth dimensional comprehension when you respond with love you gain mastery over the situation.

so let’s talk about false timelines are created with by lies. This is black magic. is to create false timelines. I believe that’s the role of the cia like what is the role of the CIA. I think it’s to create false timelines and they’re doing it now, and they’re they’ve been doing it for a long time and it’s so it’s just boring. honestly and it bores me to death it just bores me to death I swear. When you create a false timeline through lying and through the obsession with physicality and the obsession with creating physical structure, and only operating in physical structure, you are misled. You cut yourself off from your own power. You cut yourself off from your divine truth you cut yourself off from your ability to bring in higher energy and the thing that people don’t realize is that if you focus all your attention on the physical world you can master it kind of, but if you integrate higher consciousness into the physical realm you can make it into paradise. Why wouldn’t you make it into paradise? and I’m i’m I’m just pissed at the leaders and the people who have led this planet into the depravity that it exists in and it just it pisses me off.

You can break free from false timelines by living in your authentic truth. you can stop the creation of false timelines by not participating in lying. The reason why lying isn’t cool is because, truth is like please I don’t have any other words to explain this like meditate on this if you don’t understand it truth is. There is nothing other than truth. 

If you feel something if you feel uncomfortable, but you lie and you go along with something without talking about your feelings, you create a false timeline. If you pretend to be somebody you’re not, you create a false timeline. These aren’t real. They’re pretend manifestations of toxic energy. When you create a false timeline when you lie to somebody and you trick them you ex you are then responsible for maintaining that false timeline that’s what I believe the CIA is. I know they were talking about making everything that the american public believes untrue and then they had to create these false timelines through media to get people to operate in to think that you know america is the best place that we you know and we worked we actually had an effect on the whole world. The whole has been brainwashed by Hollywood it’s impressive it’s still boring because the truth is what matters when you’re putting all your energy into maintaining a false timeline you’re ignoring the truth you’re ignoring your heart you’re ignoring your authenticity you’re ignoring the way that people actually are the way that we see this manifest in our society is like america’s the greatest nation on earth and then you see all these homeless people on the streets that’s simply not true if we have homelessness we’re not a wealthy nation.

so it’s this brain trick of like ignoring the truth to live in a false reality, which we have all been subject to doing. I understand why people lie. It’s the world we live in. I’ve never lied there’s been a few times when you know I’ve said things that I later clarified I’ve always come out. If I’ve ever said things I’ve always come out with the truth and people don’t believe me when I say that and that’s okay it just shows how much people lie.

I was working at a preschool once and we did this like class exercise to see and these are like some of the nicest people you could ever meet like preschool teachers like they just all they do is like care about kids and like social justice like preschool teachers in seattle like they’re the best like the best people like I would trust them with my life were doing activity where it was like organize yourself by if you think you’re a totally a liar or if you’re totally telling you’re totally truth-teller and the majority of people were on the liar side like pretty close to the wall and I was like whoa like even like the preschool teachers are lying you know to each other and to their friends and family and everything we don’t need to lie when you lie it creates a false timeline it creates the effort that you have to maintain and all that it never is. A lie is never helping you. You might think oh I don’t like oh I i’m in love with somebody and I don’t want them to know that I think this other person is attractive and I don’t want them to know that I’m talking to this other person well that doesn’t help you it doesn’t help anybody if you lied to them about that because your heart says I love this person and I like this person and if you were to listen to your heart you would make space you would figure out a world you would have to create a world where your true heart is accepted when we lie it means that we don’t think that our true heart can be accepted we think that we need to be something other than we are because we don’t feel like we can be loved for who we are you can be loved for who you are we don’t need to lie anymore and by letting go of artificial timelines we will enter into and ascend beyond true time and true time is happening now kovid gave us a glimpse of true time what does it mean to operate on your own schedule we’re living in false time we have been false time is part of the third dimensional duality trick the weekend the work week it’s a brainwash that’s not natural everybody doesn’t show up to work feeling the same way that they felt the day before, but we expect the same level of work to happen every single day there’s not even any opportunity to take breaks and that’s it’s not there’s no opportunity to take breaks you get what two weeks out of the year if you’re lucky that’s not enough time everybody who works a 40-hour work week says I could do the same amount of work in 32 hours in four days why are we everybody wants a three-day weekend everybody even the bosses.

Why are we still working five days a week? it doesn’t make any sense we’re brainwashed our authentic time is what you’re in when you are free from all expectation it’s the time of whenever you go to bed whenever you wake up whenever you eat since I’ve been on authentic time sometimes I eat breakfast sometimes I don’t if I’m on a schedule I eat the same thing every day at the same time because I’ve gotta regulate my energy to be marching on artificial time that’s why coffee exists that’s why coffee is the most popular drug in the world okay that’s time in the dimensional implications thank you for joining me I think we did a good job considering the fact as we rise up into our interdimensional powers we will have access to many other dimensions that we have been previously unaware of each dimension interacts with our consciousness in a unique way not all dimensions are spatial and not all will be comprehended by each form, but as we expand we will grow in the ways that cannot be expressed in words at this time the last thing I want to explain is the spirit of uni is that which connects all dimensions it’s the lifeblood of the universe it’s the conscious energy of love and humor that is in every single person planet atom quark it’s the one thing that everything has in common that’s what the spirit of uni is all right don’t forget to come to the, new member mixer it’s just going to be a little zoom meeting we’ll just hang out for probably half an hour say hey ask how everyone’s doing if you’re in Unicult you’ll get that link in the discord you can text one eight three Unicult you need bliss you